Sasha Sloan at the Velvet Underground

Sasha Sloan (known as @sadgirlsloan on social media) embarked on her first North American headline tour in March, making a sold-out stop at Toronto’s Velvet Underground on March 27th.

Sasha is part of a larger group of young songwriters focused on honesty and vulnerability in their music. She makes it okay to be sad, with many of her songs ending in catharsis where there is a communal feeling of release. Although her music draws on heartbreak and the pains of growing up, Sasha doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously. Her Instagram is full of memes of herself and funny situations, making her even more open and accessible to her fans outside of the music.
Live, Sasha played most of her songs from her two released EPs from 2018. Backed by a drummer and another multi-instrumentalist on keys and guitars, their production was polished. Sasha’s vocals soared and the words really resonated with the crowd. She alternated between electric and acoustic guitars throughout the set, switching up the tone of the songs.
Sasha took a moment to voice the importance of songwriting, and how it is often overlooked in the industry today. Aside from making her own music, Sasha has written songs with many artists like Camila CabelloCHVRCHESLanyCharli XCX, and John Legend, making her a seasoned songwriter and extremely well versed in the construction of a good song.
At 24, Sasha’s fan base is comprised largely of millennials all experiencing the same anxieties in this world. Her lyrics are often specific to her own life, but universal enough for many people to relate in some way or another. Fan favourites like OlderFaking It, and Runaway had the crowd singing back at the top of their lungs, not missing a word.
There’s a simplicity to Sasha’s music that is very easy to catch on to. With vocal clarity and punchy melodies, it doesn’t take long to start singing along. At such an early stage in her career, I look forward to a full-length album from someone who already knows the fabric of a very successful pop song. There’s something extremely refreshing about hearing this self-reflective, observational style of songwriting under the pop sphere, and Sasha Sloan is definitely one to watch.