Rural Luxury in a Glass of French Wine

Nothing says love quite like a bottle of red wine. The colour. The taste. The feeling. The look. How it pours every so perfectly into a glass and how each sip can warm your soul. Full of antioxidants a bottle of red wine is the perfect match with red meat dishes, chocolate, cooking and a romantic date. Red wine is a home and dining essential no matter what the season or dish. Decanted or served right from the bottle they’re lovable, desired and always bring a smile.

Today we’re exploring a certain region in the South of France called the Languedoc known for their fabulous red wines (even though they make everything). The Languedoc is part of the of the region Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées in the south of France. Now we all know that all over France they make incredibly delicious wines and there is no difference in the Languedoc. Actually, one of the best parts about loving and discovering wines from the South of France is that due to their global competition and the hardship that France is having marketing their regions, and not their grapes to us in the west you can find truly great wines for amazing prices (great news for us!).

The province of Languedoc covers an area of approximately 42,700 km² (16,490 sq. miles) in the central part of southern France, between 2 rivers – the Rhone Rhône and the Garonne River. In fact this area produces 1/3 of the wine you drink from France. In fact it’s a little secret that the inventor of Champagne -Dom Perignon was from the Languedoc region. Vines were planted in the region by Greeks in 5th Century BC and The capital city is Montpellier – which you can fly into and is a really lovely city to visit.

I was recently able to visit one of the founding family wineries in existence in the Languedoc this year – Domaine Paul Mas – or Paul Mas Estate hosted myself for a few days to experience what they call “Luxe Rural” or “Rural Luxury”. The winery owns 10 different vineyard properties in the area and the winery is lead by winery innovator Jean Claude Mas (son to Paul Mas). Jean Claude knows what it takes to be a world class winery, and not only is he creating (he is also their talented winemaker) the amazing wines, he is leading the way in understanding what wine consumers want when they travel. He recently opened a winery restaurant and asks for perfection from all who work there, from the fine dining tasty dishes to the exact food and wine pairings to the detailed service – he has not forgot one single thing. The winery on Nicole Vineyard is a diners haven for lunches and dinners and don’t forget the incredible wine pairings along the way and the fact that you’re literally sitting in wine country.
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Domaines Paul Mas creates many different wines and wine labels. Here  in Ontario we get only one of the Paul Mas wines in the LCBO (you may be able to find some at restaurants) The  truly showcases great taste, quality and value. From a single vineyard on the hillsides of Herault valley lies Nicole Vineyard which grows Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. This wine is aged in French Oak Barrels and hand picked off the vines. It’s a wonderful medium bodied wine for $13.95. For more on the wine click here.


Angela Aiello

Angela Aiello

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