Ruby Earrings: How to Pick the Perfect Pair

Rubies are seriously sumptuous gemstones that make great additions to various types of jewelry. While you might consider them for a ring or necklace, they can also dazzle and delight when used for earrings.

If you are thinking about snapping up some richly sparkling ruby earrings, the following tips will help you narrow down your options and identify the ideal pair to add to your collection.

Image by Mian Shahzad Raza


Earring style

There are many different ways to design earrings, some of which are better suited to particular materials than others.

For showcasing precious gems as effectively as possible, a stud earring is often seen as the top choice. In the case of ruby earring studs from Diamondere, you can see that while this traditional design can be dramatically transformed when blood-red stones sparkle away in place of lesser gems.


The way that rubies are cut can change the shape, give them a different vibe, and alter how they play with the light that passes through them.

Your earring shape choice is varied in this case, as rubies can be cut to several classic and contemporary formats.

Whether you want a traditional round or oval cut or prefer something more modern like a princess, heart or cushion cut stone, all of these options and more are available. It is all about matching the cut to your style and preferences.



Rubies set in precious metals can make beautiful earrings, but this is another area you have to make a big decision.

White gold, silver and platinum are all well suited to housing rubies effectively and allowing their natural color to shine through without distracting from it or dulling its glow. You can go for yellow or rose gold as well if you wish, but these are not as good at complimenting rubies, so they will be less appealing to the eye and potentially harder to track down in the first place.


Natural or lab-grown

The final decision to make when picking between ruby earrings is whether to buy a pair that use naturally sourced stones or those that have been grown in a lab.

Synthetic rubies are often more affordable in comparison and less desirable because of the ease with which they can be produced, but this makes them suitable for buyers on a budget, so long as they are aware of the stones’ origins.

Natural rubies will typically cost more upfront, but the advantage is that they will have a higher resale value in the long term and also offer that ineffable quality that comes with knowing that a gemstone is the genuine article.

Most importantly, remember not to rush into choosing ruby earrings, but rather take your time and compare all of the products available so that you have the best chance of pinpointing the perfect pair from an array of alternatives.



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