Days of Giving: Enter a whole new world of cleaning with iRobot

Five years ago I was introduced to the iRobot Braava, and while I love this floor cleaner, I always wanted to test out the Roomba, well that is until now.

My friends over at iRobot sent over the beautiful Roomba® i7+ so I could test it out in my own home and get a feel of this futuristic device and what this new generation has to offer; the answer, a lot!


Cleans up after itself.

The Roomba® i7+ takes care of the cleaning from start to finish. It automatically empties the bin into a disposable bag that holds 60 days of dirt, dust and hair, so you don’t have to think about vacuuming for months at a time.

Choose your cleaning schedule, set it, and forget it, it’s really that simple.


Power-Lifting Suction

The power-Lifting Suction that delivers 10X the air power* for improved pick-up performance. Whether it’s hair from pets or just the day to day mess, the Roomba, sweeps and vacuums on all areas offering a superior clean. Now if you’re like me and want more than one clean a week, maybe three or four, you can schedule that in via the iRobot HOME App, and keep you’re home clean and fresh at all times.

Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes

Unique Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes don’t get tangled with pet hair. Brushes adjust and flex to stay in constant contact with carpets and hard floors. Not only does it go from carpet to hardwood, to tile, it’s also able to jump over uneven surfaces. I have an area of a tile at my door that’s about a 1/4 of an inch higher than the hardwood, with a mat on it, and the Roomba jumped that, and clean the tile and the mat with ease.


Imprint™ Smart Mapping: Clean and Schedule by Room

Enjoy hands-free control with Alexa enabled devices and the Google Assistant. Learns your home, remembers your rooms, and adapts to determine the best way to clean with Imprint Smart Mapping.

It’s so smart, it knows your kitchen from your living room, and, you choose which rooms are cleaned and when in the iRobot HOME App.


Keep Out Zones and Imprint™ Link Technology

Keep Out Zones allow you to clean with added control, actively avoiding the areas you tell it not to go. Create virtual boundaries that keep your robot cleaning where you want it to, and away from where you don’t. So if you have food bowls for your pets, or want it to stay away from your shoes, then you just add the little device and away it goes.


The Roomba® i7+ really does take all the thought out of keeping your floors as clean as they can be. Between choosing which rooms might need a little more attention than others, a device that cleans along virtually all surfaces, a choice of how often you need to clean based on your life, and a disposal base that allows you to only have to change it out every 60 days on average, I’d say it’s the age of Roomba, the ultimate futuristic at-home cleaning for today.

Now I love this product so much, I just had to make it part of our Days of Giving, so here is your chance to win the Roomba® i7+ valued at 1200.00.

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  1. Deborah C

    I’d love the iRobot Roomba® i7+ because there is always so much cleaning to do and this would help relieve some.

  2. JoKing

    Cleaning is not something i enjoy (i know most don’t) , Anything to make it easier would be a dream come true. Will it be hand delivered? lol

  3. David Smith

    My wife has always wanted one of these. With two very active kids we are always on the run taking them to their sports and activities so finding time to vacuum constantly gets push aside and we do not do it nearly as much as we should. This would be perfect to make sure our floors are cleaned more regularly

  4. Amy C

    It seems like I’m always vacuuming with 3 dogs and 3 cats. I would love to have this to vacuum for me. Happy Holidays

  5. Donna S

    I do not enjoy vacuuming. This would be wonderful to use in our home. We have two cats so there is cat hair everywhere.

  6. Tommy

    This would be great to keep because I’m never home, so my cleaning would be automatic! Or, it would make a great gift too!

  7. Louise Smith

    Vacuuming is one of chores I hate doing so this would be great to have. It would make one less thing I have to do in my busy day.

  8. krisha4444

    because my husband does vacuum!! its his only job and he doesnt do it .. and well neither do i cause i have enough on my plate

  9. Amy Heffernan

    This would be amazing to have in our home to help keep on top of the mess. Kids and hubby and pets. This would be so much loved here.

  10. Tim

    I thought IRobot only made them vacuums, but I saw a story the other day about the bomb detecting robots they make that are used by soldiers and law enforcement. That pedigree gives me faith in the quality of their products.

  11. Marissa Buffett

    I would love to win this prize because with three kids under 10 I am non-stop sweeping and vacuuming. I feel like this would make my daily life a bit better and help with the upkeep of my busy house.
    Thanks for the chance 😀

  12. Anne Taylor

    I’d love this because I have bad arthritis in my hands, arms and shoulders which make vacuuming very painful! Thanks!

  13. Shirley P

    I would love to win as I was in car accident and injured my neck my back and my knees This would help me a lot

  14. Alayne Langford

    We have dust bunnies as big as tubleweeds!! We also have 2 furball dogs and a lot of foot traffic. Vacuuming is my least favourite chore, I think the Roomba can help me with that! 😉 AND it cleans up after itself!! 🙂 I just fainted.

  15. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    This would help enormously to keep by place clean. It’s not pet hairs all over the place but my hair which seems to be so much. It’s grey and very fine now so I have trouble seeing it. The Roomba would sweep it up blind and it does need doing every day at the very least, so the Roomba would also save me a lot of time. Thanks so much for the chance to win this great little machine.

  16. Pat H

    I’m so busy, (as we all are) so this would help – and would help with some dog (muddy paws) and cat (spewing kitty litter) issues.

  17. Chris MacDonald

    I’d love to win because I hate vacuuming – and I have a dog – so I need to do it often. This Roomba would make it so easy!!!!

  18. Jen

    I’d like to win because my cats hate when I vacuum and I believe that cats actually like to ride on the roomba as it’s vacuuming so it would really be a win win right?

  19. It sounds as though it is more intelligent than the vacuum I use myself… hair: no problem! going from carpet to hardwood? ….excellent. I need this.

  20. wendy hutton

    I would love this as with cats I am always vacuuming up hair balls and this would amuse the cat too

  21. DebP

    This would help a lot in keeping down the amount of housecleaning I have to do, which is getting more difficult as I’m growing older.

  22. Having 2 cats and a dog means I’m always having to vacuum, sometimes up to 3x a day, to keep the pet hair controlled. One of these would really be a time saver for me as well as keeping the house cleaner.

  23. I’d love to win because I have 2 kids who are 5 & 7 & 3 cats, one that is long haired, which means lots of cleaning & vaccumming! I’d love to win this so it’d make my everyday life easier!

  24. Shirley O

    I have two grandchildren and I would love to win because it would make cleaning the floor a breeze. This has been on my wish list for a couple of years now.

  25. Debbie S.

    Life is busy! We have 2 cats, one dog, a home office and this would help to keep the place a lot cleaner. I like things spiffy clean but it seems life is busy! Thanks so much for the chance!

  26. Debbie S.

    Life is busy. We have 2 cats, one dog and a home office. I like things spiffy clean but life gets busy. This would be a huge help. Thanks so much for the chance!

  27. Elaine Douglas

    i have hip & femur displaysia, scolisosis and arthritis. it hurts me just to sweep and having a Roomba would really help me to keep the hair from 3 cats and 2 teenagers mess under control 🙂 thanks for the chance to win 🙂 I’ve always wanted one

  28. Denise M

    I would love to win so that the vacuuming actually gets done in my house. Would love this robot to help make my life easier (and cleaner!).

  29. Carole D

    I would like to win as vacuuming is hard on my back! This would make it so much easier! Thank you so much for the chance and Happy Holidays!

  30. I would so love to win this as we have three long-haired pets that shed constantly so I am always getting out the vacuum to tidy up. This would be so much easier to use!

  31. Helene Keuker

    I’d love to win because I simply do not enjoy sweeping or vacuuming. What a great help this would be.

  32. Meghan

    I would love to give this to my parents. They are both so busy with work that they have trouble finding time keeping up with housework.

  33. Jenny B

    We have a lot of carpet so vacuuming is always a time consuming task. Having this would save me a lot of time and effort!

  34. Amber Young

    I have two tiny gremlins at home to chase and clean up after. A vacuum that does 90% of the work for me sounds like a dream!

  35. Kiki Kentris

    Vacuuming is one of my least favourite household cleaning chore, having my own “Rosie” would be soooo awesome!!! Thanks so much for the chance!

  36. Florence Cochrane

    Winning this would make life easier for me. Yes I am lazy!! I also hate those dust bunnies running around.

  37. John McL

    I’d love to win this so I could tell my wife I did all the cleaning when actually I had robotic help.

  38. Dave Gibb

    Trying to keep up with cleaning after 3 teen and a dog while doing all the driving around is almost impossible while working 10 hour days.

  39. Patrick Beliveau

    The cleaning never stops at our place with 2 huskies and 2 young kids. This would help us stay on top of it a little more and not feel like we live in a pigpen.

  40. Tracy C

    I need to win this because I have two small children who are the biggest crumb monsters on the planet. And this would be a lifesaver for a single mom like myself!

  41. Andrea d

    I would love to win because I have a dog and a toddler at home that make a huge mess! This would really help me save time 🙂


    I have arthritis and vacuuming is hard to do. I like a clean house and this would make my life so much easier

  43. Kristi

    A lot of the time I don’t have much energy for cleaning the floors so this would help me to keep up with it all.

  44. Carolyn Wilman

    My vacuum is dying 🙁 and my current home has no carpets. Plus owning an Roomba is a #bucketlist item <3

  45. Denise M

    I would love to win so that someone else can do the cleaning! It will happen when I’m not even in the room…even better!

  46. Erin N

    I have always dreamed of owning a robot to help me clean 😀 This would be a dream come true! Thank you 🙂 Happy Holidays!

  47. AD

    I would love to win this because it will help with the daily upkeep of my home… I don’t really like to vaccum, so this would be awesome! Thank you!

  48. Heather Tobin

    This would be so helpful, my husband is on oxygen full time and can’t work due to heart/lung issues and I am working 2 jobs. Having this would make things so much easier.

  49. Jenn

    Vacuuming is time consuming task for me since I have a very old school vacuum. I would love to be able to set it and forget it with the Roomba.

  50. Sharon D

    Who wouldn’t want to win! Plus I really like a clean floor but I’m not always well enough to keep it up to standard on my own this would solve that

  51. nicolthepickle (Nicole Graham)

    I would love it for my home. I like everything nice and clean, but who has time to vacuum that often. This would be perfect.

  52. Philip Kenny

    Keeping up with all the cleaning for our family’s busy life is tricky. A helping hand would be awesome. Thank you

  53. June Murphy

    I would love to win as this would keep my floors looking amazing, save me time and I would be the envy of my friends and family.

  54. Sophia

    Who wouldn’t want a little help around the house, right? ‘Cause less time spent on chores means more time for the family and other important things (like, naps)!

  55. Linda Bragg

    I would love to win this as it would be so nice to not have to push the vacuum around myself and this would save time and effort…. and at the same time it would entertain my cat!! lol Or it might just give him a fun ride around the kitchen or living room… while its cleaning the front rooms I could sweep the bedrooms and save time…… i’m a busy lady ya know!! 🙂 Merry Christmas!!!!!! Gotta be ready for Santa Claus!

  56. Judy Cowan

    Would love to win because we have 4 pets running around and that means vacuuming everyday to stay on top of the little messes. This would definitely make my life easier!!

  57. Lushka Smith

    I’d love to win as I’m getting cranky in my old age. Sick of lugging a heavy vacuum and plugging it in and unplugging.

  58. Krista M

    Gadgets like these are what I just love! Technology that can give me more time to spend with the family rather than wasting precious time in life vacuuming. That’s what the future is all about!

  59. Hesam Seyedi

    Would love to win because I run a home office and I take pride in having a clean workspace. However, sometimes work can get hectic so the Roomba would help keep my office clean at all times!

  60. Mona Qaiser

    I work 7 days a week and love a clean house – im a germaphobe! I clean everyday as much as I can so I never have a mess. Would love a Roomba to help make my cleaning routine easier so I can focus on work and also have some time for me at the end of the day!

  61. Sandy Trojansek

    It would make cleaning under beds and furniture so much easier!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

  62. Sara Lima

    This would be AMAZING! I have a handsome elderly orange tabby, who seems to think the house is only perfect when he can shed on things! This would be SO helpful in keeping the house clean, especially since I feel like all I do is work. It can be so hard to keep up on things!

  63. Sarah Smart

    I have a little dog that follows me around the house all day and leaves a trial of fur! Haha I would love the extra help cleaning up after him!

  64. my villa

    It’s getting a bit troublesome carrying/dragging a clunky vacumm around the house with a growing belly. At least this would be one less worrysome chore to deal with.

  65. Jessica F

    I’d love to win because I vacuum every day! I have a dog that sheds like crazy and my floor shows it all!

  66. blueeyeleo

    Would love to win I do animal rescues and am always fighting their hair and it is everywhere this would give me more time to spend with them and less time cleaning up hair