Rocking the Athleisure Trend as a Guy

It should be no surprise to anyone that the athleisure trend has taken off for men in a big way. Wearing comfortable clothes while looking stylish has to be one of the best concepts for men’s fashion. Suits for business meetings and some specialized sportswear will always be needed, but at weekends why not join the many who are enjoying wearing athleisure.


The Principles Behind Athleisure


Although many men will of heard of this trend they may be unsure exactly what it is. It is not as simple as wearing custom basketball uniforms to meet your friends, or a football kit to go for lunch, although it certainly can be if you want to go uber casual. It is a combination of ready-to-wear clothes and sportswear, the mix of the two being stylish, practical and functional.

This trend is perfect for busy gents that always want to look good whatever they are doing.


When Can Your Wear Athleisure?


There are not many events where you could not dress in this way and be fashionable. It is not suitable for formal occasions, but if you are going for a drink with your friends, to watch a sporting event or even on a first date, it can be ideal. A casual but sophisticated look is how some people describe it and as long as you are not attending a wedding or important business meeting it is the perfect way to dress.


The Items To Include In Your Athleisure Collection



A bomber jacket is a must for this style. There are many options of them available, but suede, bonded jersey, and other performance materials are the best.

Sneakers are good and so are crew-neck sweaters and polo shirts. Casual trousers are better for creating a sporty style than jeans, and jogger pants will nail the look. To have an athletic vibe without appearing as though you are about to play basketball or some other sport, try a pair of chino’s with sneakers to go with the rest of your outfit.  




Any outfit needs accessories and athleisure is no different. Sports-inspired bags that are stylish and functional are awesome, and duffle bags with a rubberized finish really look the part.  These look modern as well as being really useful for the athleisure guys.

You shouldn’t forget other types of accessories. Hats, scarves, and gloves can all add that classy look to an already stylish outfit.


How To Create The Look


If you want to dress in the trendy way you will replace your blazer with a bomber jacket.  You will make sneakers your normal footwear and swap those tailored trousers for something more casual such as joggers or chinos. Add some sporty touches with your polo shirts or crew-neck tops and accessorize with the types of bags sports people use.

You may be surprised to find how impressed other people are with your attire, and feeling comfortable too will be a bonus.

This sportswear-meets-streetwear trend is here to stay, so next time you are out shopping for new clothes, make sure you include some of the things you need to be this trendy.




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