Riverfest Elora Prepping

Words by Sabrina Direnzo

Riverfest Elora is fast approaching and if you’re like me, this may be your first time festival camping. Living in tent city for the weekend can be simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking. Preparedness is key. I’ve done my research and here is my list of the essentials you’ll need to remember to ensure you have a fun and safe time.

First and foremost: tickets and schedule. Riverfest has a handy app that’ll keep track of everything for you and even send you schedule alerts so you don’t miss out on your favourite bands. Plus, don’t forget your ID and cash! We’re talking basic essentials for life here.

Next, you’re going to need something to sleep in and/or on. Most people opt for tents, sleeping bags or an air mattress. Depending on weather, a tarp on the ground can help protect your tent from water and mud. If all else fails, just give in and sleep in the car. Some folks like to mark their campsite; a great idea because in a tent city, it’s going to be hard to locate your space. Flags, helium balloons or brightly coloured ties can help you locate your tent after a long day, especially if you’ve had one too many. Don’t forget extra toilet paper and a flashlight or lantern; essential for late night trips to the port-o-potties.

A cooler (or coolers) packed with ice packs, snacks and bevvies (alcoholic or otherwise) is essential, but don’t forget LOTS of water. Switch it up with your favourite flavor of sports drink (electrolytes!!) and maybe some coffee. You can get food on the festival grounds, but packing a few snacks can help you save a few bucks. Sandwiches are my go-to: spreads, deli meats and veggies all keep well in a cooler and will allow you to mix it up as the weekend goes on.

A few helpful items to get your packing list started: sunscreen, baby wipes, deodorant, portable chargers, trash bags (clean up after yourself!), poncho, backpack, fanny pack, comfy clothes and shoes.

Be prepared, but remember it’s just a weekend.
Have fun, stay safe and see you there!

Aron Harris

Aron Harris

Music Editor at Addicted
Aron Harris is Addicted's music editor as well as a designer/photographer/writer. Aron can be found on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/arichardphoto/ for photography. As well, @dadrockdad for his dad blog.
Aron Harris
Aron Harris