Rewarding Yourself For Excellent Driving

Excellent driving is its own reward. But if you’ve noticed that you’ve been driving extremely well during your commutes or during long trips to vacation destinations, it might be worth celebrating this with a few automotive purchases or behaviours designed to help you thank yourself for your good habits and to encourage them more. This might sound like a fruitless and childish activity, but giving yourself the tools to drive even more safely in future can help you feel more confident and comfortable on the roads, and that is something that could be considered truly priceless.


Also, a decision like this has the added benefit of persuading you to spend more time with your vehicle, to learn its inner workings and optimize it to the best of your ability. Simply put, rewarding yourself for excellent driving can help elevate your mood when you’re in the cabin of your car, and instead of fearing long trips as part of necessary travel time, you will begin to long for those peaceful times behind the wheel. Consider:


Wheel & Tyre Sets


Wheel and tyre packages can perhaps help you feel comfortable and variant in your driving with the most immediate impact. Different tyre treads can help you overcome certain terrain depending on the vehicle you’re driving, can help you enjoy better handling, or overall simply feel entertaining to drive. It’s not hard to see why people enjoy keeping various spares in their garage or retrying once in a while. Ensure you learn the specifications, such as width, tread, and span. If looking for a simple aesthetic upgrade, this is a relatively subtle yet expressive way to go.


Premium Radio Or Music Access


Purchasing a premium streaming music app subscription can help you save your own playlists for the car, and search for new ones before you head on your journey. A car deserves to be flooded with a beautiful soundtrack, provided it’s at the right volume of course. Premium radio could also be considered well worth it if you have to endure long commutes. Finding shows you like, be that to do with comedy, politics, news or a deep dive into history can help you continually attach yourself to the hosts and the topics they offer, helping the driving time remain one of commuting bliss, no matter how slow or traffic-filled the driving need be.


More Excellent Driving


Perhaps the best reward for being a safe driver is more excellent driving. If someone you give lifts to and from work to is hard to handle, tell them so and decline to drive them in future. Take trips places just to enjoy them, and perhaps get lost from time to time in your local environment, because you’ll never know what beauty you’ll find.


Try New Vehicles


If you can’t purchase a new vehicle outright even when selling the old, or you love your current vehicle too much, treating yourself to a track day with a specialized professional or slowly building up a vintage car in your garage, piece by piece, can help open you up to new driving experiences you might not have considered possible.


With these tips, your love affair with driving will likely get stronger and stronger.



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