“Extra” EP by J’Moris

Described as “combin[ing] the best of hip-hop, southern rap, dub & modern trap,” the entire 16 minutes found on Texas rapper J’Moris’ Extra EP exist in a space between the future, the past and his own reality.

Residing in the same trap universe of Young Thug, Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz, if one listens closely, influences of 90’s gansta rap simultaneously start to emerge, perfectly woven throughout its brief, yet potent, run-time.

Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, J’Moris was raised amid the region’s growing drug epidemic. Parlaying his tumultuous upbringing into music, he crafted a voice all his own, utilizing his distinctive southern drawl against his equally memorable choruses.

This remains most apparent with the EP’s standout Not At All. Brimming with both story and cocksure flow, his refreshing delivery takes listeners into his world of highs and lows.

He also includes his community and upholds a component of humanity without relying on an overproduced sound, which by consequence, shows that’s he in the music game for the right reasons.

Because he’s familiar with the nitty-grittiness of street life, Extra elevates J’Moris above many hip-hop up-and-comers. Apart from that, he’s also a rapper that mixes a variety of styles and sounds, using his music for voicing truth and life experience.

Delivered with his southern style and unique vision, it’s unsurprising that Extra is attracting attention for J’Moris. He’s an underdog with a skill for uncompromising storytelling, using his talents to claim his place in today’s hip-hop sphere.

While the current model of mix-tapes and streaming services lead the sea change of hip-hop’s constant adaptation, J’Moris’ knack for self-identity within his music only makes it more immediate for those hearing it.

Listen up, you won’t be sorry you did.


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