Review: Electric Island, Canada Day

We had a little bit of a rain scare on Canada Day, but that didn’t stop hundreds of people from flocking to the Toronto islands for their monthly fix of Electric Island. The the sun was out, the ferry line was packed, and everyone was ready to party as hundreds made the trek towards the sound of good music.

We had skipped lunch because we knew we could snag some serious eats from the many food trucks inside the venue’s fences. First up: cinnamon fries from the Gourmet Bitches food truck. Before we took a bite, we had asked for some ketchup but the ladies insisted that we wouldn’t need it. They were right. The flavours fused in an unexpected (but fantastic) way, and ketchup had no place on our plate.

This month, the stage was accented with giant LED screens that lit up the DJ booth. It was a nice touch to the venue, especially if you made it till the sun went down and got to appreciate the full light show.

DJ Tennis paired his music perfectly with the warm afternoon sun while the crowd trickled in. The heavy bass of his tech-house set reverberated through the crowd and got everyone on their feet and dancing.


Henrik Schwarz was up next, and progressed from deep bass to a harder, faster tempo. He took the relaxing afternoon sounds and drove them into an energetic party atmosphere.

With all the dancing and the sun, it was time for us to stop by Bacon Nation to grab another bite to eat. A bacon and cheese poutine did the trick, and we savoured every last bite while fighting off hungry friends who claimed they just wanted one fry.

Finally, around 7pm, the Martinez Brothers graced the stage. I’ve been dying to see them after hearing everyone go on about how amazing they were at Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit. They played some absolutely dirty techno, and the crowd was cheering and waving Canadian flags during their entire set. This duo is most definitely one to watch, and not to be missed the next time they grace our city.


With that, it was time for us to head home. Unfortunately we missed Dixon, as an early day at work Monday was calling my name. We boarded the ferry back to the city as the sun went down just in time to see the gorgeous sunset cityscape you can only see from the Island. A review from our friends who stayed until the very last minute: Dixon played some classics but let the night end with a little more to be desired. However, everyone left happy after enjoying the day’s tunes.

Coming up next month for the August long weekend at Electric Island is Nitin, My Favourite Robot, Maya Jane Coles, Bob Moses, and Seth Troxler. Get tickets here.

Samie Durnford

Samie Durnford

Contributor at Addicted
Samie Durnford is a Toronto based writer with a heart that beats at 138BPM. An electronic music lover, you can find her listening to anything from trance to techno. Samie has been a reality TV columnist for the Toronto Sun and has interviewed DJs for THUMP Canada. She's taken electronic music on as a lifestyle, travelling to EDM festivals across North America whenever she can.
Samie Durnford