Saving for retirement isn’t so scary after all

When it comes to matters of the heart, we all seem to put in a fair bit of effort, and not only that, most of us seek help, whether it be through online dating or matchmaker services. So why don’t we put the same or even partial amount of energy into learning ways to save and make our money work for us?

This week I took a look at my own finances, and while I’m not in a horrible place, I, like many people out there, can definitely use some help when it comes to budget and when it comes to having a well laid out plan for my retirement savings goals.

So I made my way to meet Courtney Kencher Mutual Funds Investment Specialist at the Meridian Credit Union to learn how to get my savings in check and get some much-needed advice that I could share with you.



The reality is that there are a few key things that we can all start doing in our own lives, not only to make the process easier but to also bring us that much closer to being able to feel comfortable about our future.

The Plan:

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  1. Find a good financial planner/investment specialist – When it comes to knowing about money, much like everything else in life, we rely on experts to guide us through, and just like going to the doctor to check on your health or a lawyer for your legal needs, you should also have someone in your corner that can help guide you through the vast choices based on your goals.
  2. Make a budget – I am so guilty of this. You look at your statement and think, omg I spent that much money this month? Knowing where your money is going before it’s already gone is the key in starting a saving plan, no matter what it may be. We need to be able to create a basic structure and stick with that. The good part, once you have set up a budget, all you have to do is follow it.
  3. Be Informed – While having someone in your corner like a great financial planner is key and so is having a budget, trust me, as someone who runs several businesses, keeping yourself informed is the key to success in any part of life.
  4. Diversify – Never put all your eggs in one basket; the same can be said of saving. By diversifying you set yourself up for the best possible odds to win.

Here’s the thing, Millennials are saving at an all time low, regardless of their salary and that can mean problems in the future, and while dealing with money can seem a bit overwhelming, once you sit down with someone great, like I did with Courtney Kencher from Meridian Credit Union, and get some sound advice and really great ideas, it all seems so much easier and attainable.

Now my retirement goals are much more in check, so one day I can retire to a home on the beach on my own little island, well, a boy can dream right!

What are your retirement goals?

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