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Now more than ever is the time to indulge in a little self care. Earlier this year, Relumins released their new line of breakthrough Meso Therapy skincare tools and we were lucky enough to get to test them out.

In all honesty, this review is long overdue but the timing couldn’t be more perfect. With distancing measures looking set to be with us for the foreseeable future, we’ve been looking for the best at-home spa-level cosmetic treatments available and Relumins offers just that.

From Micro-current and LED cosmeceutical tools to medical grade serums, the full line is tailored to help you get an illuminating glow.

Stick with us and you’ll be the envy of all your colleagues on your next Zoom call.


Relumins Intense Glow Beauty Care Tool – Facial Skin Therapy Micro-Current Electronic Face Massager | $65

This tool is made of medical-grade aluminium throughout its body with a copper core and four rollers that perfectly fit the contour of any face shape. Its unique solar panel provides micro-current to stimulate the body’s tissue so there’s no need for charging.

Designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten and increase skin elasticity and even out skin tone all in one go, I’ve been using this tool religiously and I’ve seen a noticeable improvement to my skin.


Relumins Glycolic Peeling Gel | $28

Containing 5% Glycolic Acid, this skin perfecting gel is the holy grail of exfoliators. I was a little reticent to use an at home peel as I do have sensitive skin but this one is so gentle and simple to use I needn’t have worried. The results were visible instantly after just one use – in just two short minutes my skin was clearer, my pores appeared reduced and I had a genuine healthy glow.

Safe to use up to three times a week, this is my new favourite go-to skincare product.


Relumins Skin Perfecting Serum | $38

If you struggle with hyperpigmentation or skin discolouration, or simply want to even out your skin tone, this is the product for you. Safe to use morning and night, this ultra light pharmaceutical grade formula containing botanical extracts and lactic acid, corrects uneven skin tone while stimulating collagen production for a brighter, smoother, more radiant complexion.

My face is a little red across the centre. I’ve started putting this on after cleansing my skin and I’ve really noticed a difference.


Relumins LED Light Therapy Tool | $49

The Electronic Muscle Stimulation RF instrument with 6 LED lights is a skin lightening device that also helps with skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, dark spot correction, skin brightening and anti ageing. Low light energy deep penetrates the skin promoting the absorption of skincare products, boosting younger, smoother looking skin. The tool uses mesotherapy to stimulate collagen, as well as promoting detoxification, lymphatic drainage, smoothness of skin and reduced redness while increasing firmness and leaving it looking youthful and lifted.

I use this with the serum three times a week to really give my skin a spa treatment-like boost.


Relumins Herbal Under-Eye Serum | $14

This is your secret weapon for hangovers and those mornings when you didn’t get much sleep the night before. Containing a mix of Brazilian herbs, aloe vera and algae extract, this roll on under-eye serum soothes and restores skin and brightens dark circles. I keep mine in the fridge for an added cooling sensation. If you’re going to invest in one item from our list, make it this one.




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