Relax, Unwind, and Take a Bath

When it comes to the ultimate relaxation at home, for me, that means having a nice warm bath, and while a good soak can be almost necessary, what’s also needed is great bath products to accompany you along your journey to unwind.

Now here’s what you need for a great bath; a big old bath balm, maybe some oil, and great soaps and scrubs. That’s where Fruits and Passion come in.



Recently I tested out the soaps from the Fruits and Passion “alo” line, and the Eucalyptus Lemon exfoliate and the body lotion.

I placed a photo I shot above to show the bar, and while you can’t smell it’s fresh, clean and mildly fragrant smell, you can see it’s coarseness, which I love in a body scrub bar/soap, and it really did clean, while exfoliating really well.

It left behind a clean dewy delicious scent that wasn’t in any way to strong, which is nice in the world of way too much “added fragrance”.

Next, I moved onto the Fruits and Passion Ecyluptus lemon body lotion and scrub, which has both a calming and freshness to it. The balance of the two scenes it like morning sunshine in a bottle and the combo of the scrub and lotion did actually help to improve the overall moisture of my skin, which is key in Canada, especially during the winter.

Clean, exfoliate, moisturize, now that’s the main steps to not only a great bath but a relaxed and refreshed you, cause as we know, the way you feel affect your overall demeanour, health and so much more.


So the next time you’re feeling stressed, grab some great products, start the water, kick back and relax because you’re worth it.




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