Reimer’s new EP Exodus is deep, and a must hear

We love it when we spot an up-and-coming DJ, and Reimer is just that. A brand new solo project on R&G Records, Reimer’s sound is inspired by talents such as Tale of Us and Maceo Plex. It’s no doubt listening to his new EP, “Exodus”, that Reimer is on-track to follow the footsteps of his muses. His sound is deep, dark, and mysterious – just the way we like our electronic music.

The first track on the two-track EP is Exodus, a moody track that doesn’t mess around. It drops in with a quick percussion and quick bassline. At about one minute in, the track slows down into a slower, darker beat before turning back up before the first big drop two minutes in. The track is energetic, while also perfect for driving on a dark, windy road at 3am with no other cars in sight. Perfect for a late-night club night when you’ve lost all sense of time.

Woodsman, the second track on the EP takes on a completely different start. Easing into the track slow and deep, with howling beats that creep you out while intriguing you at the same time. Instantly, you want to close your eyes and simply feel this track. Its peaks and valleys take you on a unique musical journey through the dark woods of your mind, fittingly.

Reimer is definitely on our watch list if he comes to a dark and dingy venue here in the city. His sounds are perfect for getting lost to, and we definitely can’t wait to hear more.

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Samie Durnford

Samie Durnford

Contributor at Addicted
Samie Durnford is a Toronto based writer with a heart that beats at 138BPM. An electronic music lover, you can find her listening to anything from trance to techno. Samie has been a reality TV columnist for the Toronto Sun and has interviewed DJs for THUMP Canada. She's taken electronic music on as a lifestyle, travelling to EDM festivals across North America whenever she can.
Samie Durnford