TESTED: The Reebok Sole Fury

I’ve tested a pretty wide selection of shoes over the years, some good, some bad, and some, well some were really something special.

My pals over a Reebok sent us over the highly anticipated Sole Fury, a new performance-driven silhouette. Incorporating Split Cushioning, a Reebok innovation created in the ’90s that removes an entire section of the midsole, Sole Fury provides a lightweight and comfortable wear.

As we cracked them out of the box we couldn’t help notice how lightweight they were, truly, they are like a feather. At second glance we noticed that they seemed really breathable, and upon testing, we’d find this, and much more.


Stretch to Fit

As you slip your foot into the shoe, you feel the stretch, and as your foot settles into the runner, it almost feels like it then stretches back to form around your foot. This really adds to both the fit and feel of the shoe, and thus, helps make your workout even easier.



When you’re running, working out, boxing, whatever it make be, we get hot and we get sweaty, and honestly, one of the worst is cycling or spin class, so, we put them to the test in a series of spin classes and, they helped to keep my feet so much cooler and helped keep me feeling my best amidst a wicked workout.



Perfect Balance

Propulsion plate helps stabilize and propel stride by minimizing compression, aka the way they have made the shoes really does help to keep you stable, I put that theory to the test while boxing and yes, in fact, they do offer extra balance above and beyond the regular runner.


Fit, fashion, balance, breathability all in one shoe? Welcome to the future of footwear.


Available in a men’s and women’s colourway, Sole Fury retails for $130 CAD and is available at www.reebok.ca/en/solefury



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