Red Axes brings psychedelic sound to Electric Island May 22

Kicking off Electric Island on May 22, Red Axes is a sound we have yet to experience on the island. The duo from Tel Aviv has a unique sound that you won’t hear anywhere else. Described as psychedelic, Red Axes plays music that’s quite the trip. Their funky basslines and strange sounds will take listeners for quite the musical venture.

Niv Arzi and Dori Sadovnik have been making music together for years. Having ventured from the rock scene into electronic music, they honed their signature sound. You can hear a lot of their early influences in their music today with steel drums and rich synths.

Listening to their tracks, it’s safe to say that the Electric Island crowd is in for quite the experience with Red Axes. These guys bring such an interesting, eye-opening take on house music. We recommend closing your eyes and letting their music take you to wherever your imagination lets it.

Meet Red Axes

We were lucky enough to chat briefly with Red Axes before they make their way to Toronto on May 22.

This is your first time playing at Electric Island – what can the crowd expect when they come to see you two play?

A deep psychedelic journey that will move your souls.

You’ve travelled a lot – from Amsterdam, to living in Tel-Aviv, and playing all over in places like Tokyo, tell us what it’s like playing for so many different crowds?

Everywhere is different, and special in its own way. It’s great to travel so much with our music and spread the message.

Having worked together for so many years, do you have any special traditions or rituals you do together before you make music or do a show?

Yes, we have some shamanic rituals that include a feather of a bat, a new pinball, three little vinyl records and a huge ball of M&Ms.

Sounds interesting! I’ll leave that up to my imagination. And lastly, what’s one track that you guys are hooked on right now?

Beauty & The Rich by Tzuzamen.

To purchase tickets to the Electric Island May 22 show, follow the link here, or get more bang for your buck with a seasons pass for $169 + HST, which will get you into all five events. Remember – the first intallament of Electric Island will actually take place at Woodbine Park, so make sure you go to the right spot to get your Long weekend music fix.

Samie Durnford

Samie Durnford

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Samie Durnford