Reboot Tips to Get the Heart Racing in the Bedroom Again

We all know that things in the bedroom can start to get a little stale when you’ve been in a relationship for a long time. That’s not unusual or uncommon, so you don’t need to feel down about it. What’s most important are the steps you take from here to turn the situation around.

There are lots of simple yet effective steps you can take to improve your bedroom performance and reignite your relationship in the bedroom. If this is something that’s been on your mind, but you haven’t been sure where to start or what to do, the following guide will clear things up for you.

Photo by Jasmine Wallace Carter.



  • Setting the Mood is Key


The first thing you should try to do is set the mood. When the atmosphere is right, and the mood feels appropriate for lovemaking, it makes such a big difference. For many people, their sex lives begin to struggle because they have routined based around work and family, and that leaves no time for sex. And when sex does happen, the mood often isn’t right, and it becomes an afterthought. That’s the kind of situation you should look to reverse.



  • Don’t Limit Yourselves to One Kind of Physical Intimacy


There are so many different types of intimacy that take place between two people in a relationship, and that’s something you should try to keep in mind. It doesn’t have to just be about penetrative sex. There are other things you can and should do if you want to reignite that spark in the bedroom. Get into the habit of being close and intimate so you can explore each other’s desires better going forward.



  • Address Problems Such as Erectile Dysfunction


If you have been experiencing particular problems that have been preventing you and your partner from having a fulfilled and satisfying sex life, it’s important to address those problems. These days there are many effective erectile dysfunction treatments out there and you should make the most of them. There’s no reason to let problems such as these ruin your life and stop you from having an active sex life with your partner.



  • Don’t Let Distractions Get in the Way


These days, the world is full of distractions and it can seem hard to avoid them. But it’s difficult to have a positive sex life in the bedroom if you have phones lighting up and ringtones going off every few minutes. It sounds simple, but one of the most important ways to improve intimacy in the bedroom is to actively avoid any distractions that might stop you from focusing on one another. It’s something you should certainly try to do.



  • Communicate What You Want


Everyone has different wants and priorities when it comes to what you do in the bedroom. To ensure both people in the relationship are getting what they want out of it, you should try to talk about these things. Good communication is a vital part of any relationship and that includes the things that happen in the bedroom. When you talk about what you need from each other, you’ll find that this helps things in multiple different ways. Communication is so simple and yet so effective at changing things for the better.



  • Rediscover Playfulness and Fun


Playfulness and fun are two very underrated aspects of sex and intimacy. When you start enjoying each other and the sex you share in a fun way, you’ll start taking things in the right direction immediately. When you start to feel under pressure to perform and you don’t enjoy the sex you share, it’s not surprising that your sex lives go downhill and start to really struggle. Do your best to rediscover the fun and playful sides of your sex lives together.



  • Work on Feeling Good About Yourself


Finally, you should consider the importance of feeling good about yourself. It’s hard to feel confident about what you’re doing with your partner in the bedroom when you don’t feel good about yourself. Start looking after yourself better and try to look after your body better. By getting in shape, you’ll feel more confident and better able to have a positive sex life with your partner.


Now that you’ve read all about the things you can do improve your sex life and to reignite the passion in your relationship, all that’s left to do is get started putting these ideas into action. In doing so, you and your partner will be able to take things to a whole new level in the bedroom.

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