Reasons Why You Should Listen to Music While You Work

Whether you’re working from home, working at a job that allows you to keep those earphones in, or are doing school work, music can help with every aspect of worth. Why is that? How does it work? What type of music should you listen to? If you’ve ever wanted an excuse to jam out to some of your favourite tunes while you work, here’s why that’s a great idea.


It Helps With Repetitive Tasks 

Repetition. No matter how much you love your job, chances are that you’ll have to do a task that is repetitive. Not only can it be boring, but you may have trouble staying focused. You may not complete the task as fast as you could, and you may end up making mistakes. 

However, music can help with this. This is because when you listen to music, your brains pump out those feel-good chemicals. Serotonin and dopamine increase, making you happier and more focused. 

Of course, this is only if you like the music. Some businesses only allow you to listen to their radio station, and if you’re hearing the same annoying pop song over and over, it could have an opposite effect. Take it up with your boss and show them evidence that listening to your own music is better for you.


It Declutters a Noisy Environment 

If you’re working in an environment that is noisy, be it with factory sounds, loud coworkers, or anything else that’s distracting, music can help. When it’s noisy, your brain has to process different tasks all at once. You may focus on the sounds and be less productive because of it. 

A noisy environment can make you feel upset, too. Your dopamine levels go down, and it can be harder for you to do what you’re assigned. 

This is why music is so good. It drowns out all the noise with noise that is familiar and pleasurable to you. This way, you’re focused on the task at hand and less on what is going on around you.


You Get Creative 

If you’re trying to be creative, music may be able to help you with this endeavour. Some people find that music, especially music with deep lyrics, can inspire creativity. For most people, ambient music and sounds help to boost creativity. 

When being creative, also be creative with what you listen to and how loud it is. Many people find that listening to music at a moderate level pumps those creative juices better than music that’s too low or too high. Just experiment and see what you can come up with.


You Can Get Pumped Up 

When you’re working out, listening to loud, powerful music may help pump you up during your workout. It may release those feel-good chemicals that make working out even more of a joy and release dopamine too, which can help with relieving pain. This is why most gyms play music. With that said, listening to your own music can give you the best results.


But What About Learning?

When you’re learning something new, be it a new assignment at work or reading a book for study time, music’s power can have the opposite effect. You may have a hard time keeping focused, especially if the music is loud or has lyrics. When you’re being told something verbally, music can more of a negative impact on how you learn. Because of this, you may want to take the tunes off. 

However, if you’re learning in an environment that is noisy, some ambient sound may be able to help you focus. This is something that you may want to experiment with, as everyone has a different experience on this front.


Lyrics: Friend or Foe? 

Everyone has a different experience with music that has lyrics to it. For activities that have little immersion, music with lyrics works the best. However, for activities that require focus and immersion, those lyrics can be distracting. Your brain requires more power to interpret those lyrics, making it harder to focus. This especially applies when you’re trying to write or speak. Of course, everyone is different. 

We recommend listening to jazz, classical music, video game music, instrumental versions of songs, or anything else that has no lyrics. Or, you may find that listening to a song in a different language helps since you can’t understand what they’re saying.


Be Familiar 

Speaking of what you should listen to, you may benefit from listening to music you’re already familiar with. If you’re listening to music that’s more ambient, that doesn’t apply, but if you’re listening to a new hit song or something else, your brain may be focusing more on the new music. With music that is less familiar, you may be focused on that, and you’re unable to complete your task. 

Plus, with new music, you should appreciate it. Sit down and listen to it, rather than listening to it while you work or do other tasks.


Improve Your Focus Through Therapy 

Music can be a great form of therapy, but if you’re still having trouble focusing or being productive, you may need the help of a counsellor or therapist. When you’re studying, working, or are at home, an online therapist may be able to help. Sites such as BetterHelp provide online therapy and support, and some therapists may even use music to help you.



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