4 Reasons to get a Tattoo removed

There was a time when tattoos were reserved for hardened Navy men and ex-convicts. In other words, not the norm. Then something happened, and tattoos became very popular. Almost to the point, you felt FOMO if you didn’t have one, or some. 

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So, what if you are one of the many that got a bad tattoo, something silly, ridiculous or just no longer a reflection of who you are?

If you have a less than desirable tattoo, don’t worry. You can always go to a professional tattoo removal clinic and have that baby removed.


In this article, we will go over some reasons why you might want to remove a tattoo.


1 – You may regret it


For those of us that have multiple tattoos, the chances are pretty high that we regret a couple, especially ones we got in our youth. If you’re feeling like your tattoo doesn’t match your vibe anymore, it may be time to have it removed, or maybe even covered with something that suits you better today.


2 – When it holds you back


Though discrimination is wrong for any reason, you could find yourself facing it because of some misplaced tattoos.

It is very trendy right now to put a tattoo on your neck or somewhere else very visible. There are still some conservative industries that would never hire a person in a customer-facing role with a neck or face tattoo.

Even some tattoos on hands or other areas where they can be seen might be a problem.

Tattoo meanings can also be misconstrued. You might have gotten one with a specific meaning in mind, but people seeing it interpret it much differently. This could end up causing friction with some people that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.


3 – You have too many


Unless you look like David Beckham, you are not going to pull off a body full of tattoos. In most cases, it is just not going to suit you the same way that it does for a celebrity that is known for a particular look.

While it’s always great to be individual and unique, you should also remember that you have to be a member of society.


4 – Removing a tattoo everyone has 


Tattoos were always a great way to stand out and make a statement. Now, your grandmother might be in line for a tattoo before you are.

When everybody has a tattoo, it takes away from the impact that they are supposed to have. It’s almost like if everybody has one, then nobody does. Any style you are going for or message you are trying to portray will likely get lost among the noise.


Of course, this is all personal. If you want a tattoo, then don’t let me convince you not to. But, let this serve as some food for thought if you are on the fence.

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