Quiet Luxury with the Lincoln MKZ

When you think about the idea of quiet luxury the first thing that comes to mind is a high-end vehicle and an exclusive or secluded place to escape too.

So when the team at Lincoln came to me and asked what my idea of quite luxury was, I told them that my idea would be to get away for the long weekend in style, of course, and stay in a luxury treehouse in the “middle of nowwhere” and that this is exactly what happened.


We set out and left the city to head out into the country to let the road take us on an adventure, we spent the first day making our way up to Collingwood while passing through Creemore, which is the cutest town ever, and ventured around to take in the beautiful views, while taking advantage of the open road and of having a truely great vehicle.

What I’m talking of course about was the 2017 Lincoln MKZ Reserve.

The MKZ is such a smooth ride, and with so many amazing features, you can perfectly adjust not only the car to your exact wants and needs but everything from the music to the navigation as well.

When we went out on the road for our adventurous long weekend escape, we found right away that these were some of our favourite features:

The Lincoln Experience

Experience approachable luxury, quite literally. The 2017 Lincoln MKZ has approach detection. When you approach the MKZ with your keys in your hand, purse or pocket, a Lincoln logo welcome mat illuminates on the ground. At the same time, illuminated door handles and other signature lighting fade up to welcome you.

When we were out in the dark, this came in really handy, and I am talking pitch black, so seeing the light really did save the day.

Available multicontour front seats with Active Motion®

Help reduce the stress of the daily commute or long trip with available multicontour front seats with Active Motion®. These heated and cooled seats let you customize different sets of air cushions to adjust the contour of the seat back and bottom cushion, or activate a gentle lumbar-massaging motion. Operate the seat with seat-mounted controls or with the fingertip ease of the SYNC® 3 touchscreen. Heated rear seats are standard on the MKZ Reserve.

All I have to say is, Cooled seats, on a hot summer day, this was the feature that I was absolutly obsessed with as I am always warm, and this feature made the ride so much more enjoyable and so comfortable.

Available retractable panoramic glass roof

Alter your outlook in the Lincoln MKZ with the simple press of a button. The available fully retractable panoramic glass roof opens up new worlds and new experiences. With easy-to- use push-button activation, a single pane of glass rolls back to create the largest opening among sedans.

When it came to cool, this was the feature that will really wow, literally the whole top of the roof retracts and you have a huge open or glass view of the skies above. Ya, it’s pretty Boss. (that’s the first and last time I’ll use that)

Available 20-speaker Revel Ultima® audio system

Dedication to performance, authenticity and craftsmanship makes Revel Audio the perfect automotive sound system for Lincoln. The available 20-speaker Revel Ultima® audio system in the MKZ surrounds you with a sound experience that brings every note to life. To provide a more meaningful audio experience, the doors were designed to properly house speakers for enhanced sound quality.

Boom. The speakers on the ride were so clear, clean, and we tested it out just to make sure and has more than ample base. the music makes the ride, so this was key especially for a road trip like this.

Standard SYNC® 3 with available voice-activated navigation

New easy-to-use design, new interface, new features. Standard SYNC® 3 technology helps you keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Make a call with the simple push of a button and sound of your voice. SYNC® 3 includes an LCD centre touch screen with swiping and pinch- to-zoom capabilities, AppLinkTM and 911 Assist®. With easy destination entry, it’s a breeze for the available navigation systemtolocatethathard-to-findrestaurant,nearestATM,or highly-rated coffee shop. Plus, enjoy adaptive search results based upon your preferences. Voice-activated navigation comes standard on the MKZ Reserve.

Being able to tell your car what you want, well let’s just face it, that’s awesome. Pretty much enough said.


Once we had our first day with the car, we moved onto the second part of the adventure, we headed to SkyTop Treehouse just outside of Port Perry, ON. For those of you that don’t know, this is a really untouched country area with thousands of acres of forest and trails, and it’s just 75km from Toronto.

When we arrived on day two of out adventure we were instantly in love with the charm and tranquility of the beautiful treehouse situated on about 300 acres of land, on a grassy patch or land, nestled in the middle a what can only be described as a gigantic and wonderful forest, with ponds, that you can swim in, trails, paths, and so much more to see and enjoy.

The Treehouse sat in the middle of a cluster of trees that seem to reach the sky.had a door on the bttom level, with a bathroom, then staris that lead up to the main level, which had a kitchen and living room, and up the last level was the bed, what a fun place to stay.

As you walk up the path from the clearing you see a door on the bottom level, the door opens up to a spiral staircase to the front, and to your left is the bathroom with shower and all.with a bathroom. If you head up the stairs to the main level, it leads you into the kitchen and living room area, up another level and you find the cosy bed tucked up top.

The treehouse is surrounded by a deck so you can catch some more of the views and key an eye out on what’s happening 360 degrees around you, and also the perfect spot to grab a few photos.

The pictureseque spot offered endless views, adventure, and we were also fortunate to have the most perfect weather to make the long weekend the ultimate end of summer wrap, but that wasn’t it.

The treehouse wasn’t the only fun part, amidst all the beatiful scenery, amazing weather and the superior ride we had now really wanted to call our own, we were made and served dinner by that amizng Dine and Style team.


The dinner included rib eye and heirloom vegetables and kicked off with stuffed mushrooms, along with several other fantastic courses which included a wonderful fall salad, and for dessert a poached pear.

The dinner was quite a treat, being served dinner in that setting while on a little vacation. Well, I wish I could just give that to everyone to experience too.

The views from the weekend were honestly beyond anything we could capture even though we tried and tried. The calm, the beauty, and getting back to nature for someone who grew up in the country and still loves it, it was like an escape from life.

The weekend was fantastic, the Lincoln MKZ Reserve was a pleasure to travel in and offered so much classic comfort and was definitlay a car that people were cheking out at every stop.

We know now why, casue it’s really something to talk about.





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