Quarantune: “Up”, a claymation short film masterpiece by STORRY

I truly believe music will save all of our souls in this crazy time, so I’m going to keep sharing tunes to build the soundtrack to all of our simultaneous quarantines.  This edition just happens to come with a short film as well.  Today I’m thrilled to feature “Up”, the song and claymation short film by singer/songwriter and now filmmaker, STORRY. 

*photo by Jordan Oram

STORRY is a JUNO-nominated, simultaneously classically trained and self taught artist artist trained with the ability to perform arias and opera with as much confidence as hip hop, R&B, and gospel. A woman with a storied background, STORRY weaves a musical tapestry rich with wisdom beyond her years, unbridled passion, and unabashed skill and talent in her chosen craft.  Hers is an unapologetically powerful, yet earnest and true presence that we need right now to calm the turbulent seas of this time.  That’s why I for one am grateful that she’s released another poignant piece of music, and piece of art, to not only focus our eyes and ears in the chaos, but to take us upon a journey through this song’s own story, to an ending that reminds us that even when times are tough, this too shall pass.

“Up” first manifested as a song from STORRY’s new album, CH III: The Come Up. The song is also the soundtrack to a Claymation short, directed and produced by STORRY and a small team, none of whom had ever worked on a project like this before.  Together they filmed Up over 4 months in STORRY’s basement, all learning as they went. The film tells the story of a man’s insatiable appetite, one that gradually destroys his relationship and all that surrounds it. His partner struggles to stay by his side to clean up his mess, to contain his destruction, only to learn she cannot.  She struggles, but in the end she survives, and will be ok.

“Often, we excuse people we love for their misbehavior because we empathize and feel we know their true essence. But even killers have mothers or friends or partners who love them and who see the best in them. And we take it upon ourselves to clean up after their mess, hoping that they will change, hoping that they will soon return to their true selves,” STORRY shared. “But sometimes, letting them go, or perhaps taking drastic measures to rehabilitate them, is the only way to truly love and care for them and ourselves. This is the meaning behind the dirt in the film. I hope this video rings true in the hearts of those who watch it, in a world where more is more and less is not good enough, new is better and what becomes old is an increasingly shorter window.”

Being ok, despite fear, uncertainty, and even pain, is a theme we can all relate to these days, making Up so much more shareworthy.


The reception to Up has been glowing.  STORRY and her team have already won numerous accolades for their inaugural work. Up has already won the award for Best Editing at the Montreal International Wreath Film Festival and Best Animated Music Video at jellyFEST in Los Angeles, CA. The film has received numerous nominations, including Best Animated and Best Narrative Music Video at the Austin Music Video Festival, and Best  Animated Short at the Rome International Film Festival. It has also screened at the Toronto International Spring of Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, Oregon Short Film Festival, and the Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival.

STORRY has now just begun to share Up with the world, and we’re thrilled to help her on that mission.  If you’re looking for more content to get you through this quarantime, youcan tune into a free livestreamed concert on Saturday, March 28 at 9:00 pm, where STORRY will perform a pared-down set of songs from CHIII: The Come Up and unreleased music. The show will be available through Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram Live. You can tune in here, and support STORRY on Patreon, which will have exclusive perks for members that sign up.

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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly