Productive Ways to Pass Time During the Corona

Long gone are the days of going to the movie theatre and all-you-can-eat buffets… The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed life as we know it. Due to the government’s orders to stay home to flatten the curve, people all over the world are having to find different ways to keep themselves busy.

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But during this pandemic, despite the frustrations of staying home, people have actually chosen to make lemons out of lemonade, in a sense. This forced time at home has made people get creative, become weekend warriors, and change their way of thinking… which otherwise may not have happened for being too busy, being busy.

Everyone, of course, has their own thoughts and opinions on the coronavirus and how it has impacted their life personally, but you can’t deny the fact that it indeed is changing the way people pass time. And if you’re going to have to find different ways to pass your time, it might as well be productive ways to pass the time that will benefit you, right?

If you’re looking for ways to keep yourself entertained during lockdown but still want it to be beneficial to you, take a look at how you can pass your time at home in productive ways.


Ways to Productively Pass Time at Home During Coronavirus


Get Fit As a Family

Who said that you have to have a gym membership to get fit? No one! If you have social media on any platform, you’ve probably seen lots of trainers and even friends joining live streams of at-home workouts. The cool thing about these at-home workouts is that you can do them inside your home or in your front or backyard. 

The pandemic shouldn’t stop you from taking an interest in improving your health. Whether you download an app to your phone or smart TV or simply walk or jog your neighbourhood, your road to fitness is in your hands, pandemic or not.


Start Your Home Renovation Projects

Before the pandemic began and everyone was ordered to stay home, there were some home improvements that you’ve been meaning to get done but were just too busy for… Well, now you have all the time in the world to get them done.

Some people are taking on small DIY projects that they can involve the kids in, like starting a garden in the backyard. Others are taking on major renovation projects like having patio decks installed and roof repairs.

Now, the thing to understand about hiring contractors for home renovation projects during this time is that certain projects are deemed more essential in comparison to others. According to, based on your family’s needs, it can be somewhat hard to tell what type of home renovation projects are essential and which ones aren’t.

The Federation of Master Builders states that an essential home improvement project is one that deems a house to be secure and weatherproof. Whether the project is indoors or outdoors plays a role too.

But overall, whether you’re in Missouri and need a roof repair contractor in Kansas City or if you’re in Florida and need new windows, those are going to be essential home repairs, simply because they’re renovations that make your home safe and secure.


Declutter Your Home and Have a Virtual Yard Sale

For some people, decluttering is therapeutic, but for others, it’s a huge pain. If you think about it, the only reason you need to declutter is that you’ve let your home get out of control. Over the course of a year, you’d be amazed at just how much “stuff” you can collect without even realizing it!

Well, it’s during this pandemic where you have all the time in the world to get your house decluttered! Everything from getting rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore or clothes you can’t fit, to ridding your home of kitchenware and furniture you no longer need, now’s the time to get rid of it while you have the time to do it!

You can even sell these items too! Normally, when people would get rid of things, they’d sell those things in a yard or garage sale but because of the pandemic, people are doing things virtually now. So, you can have a virtual yard sale! Just hop on your social media pages and call/text everyone you know about it and stream all your items live!


Bond With Family

Despite the chaos the pandemic has brought, it has also brought a sense of closeness to many families… even if it is forced. More families are cooking dinners together, grilling outdoors together, and watching TV and movies together. Families are even getting “hip” together by making Tik Tok videos. 


Maybe you hate that it took a pandemic to bring your family closer together but the point is that your family is together. Studies have even shown that when traumatic events are endured as a family, it makes their bond as a family even stronger.


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