Practice Physical Distancing from People AND Mosquitoes this Summer

The world has changed in more ways than one. Nowadays we can’t just hop on a plane and go wherever we want, really for most of us; we have to stay within our own country while social dispensing, so what do you do to get away? You camp!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been road-tripping, camping and everything in between, so as we try and find some normality in this new reality, after four months of laying low, I needed to escape.

Now camping can be relaxing, reflective, adventurous, it can also be filled with mosquitoes, and while I love a good week of camping, I’m not too fond of a body, my body, covered in bud bites. So, when Thermacell reached out to us and asked if we’d try out mosquito repellers, we thought, well this will make for the perfect test.

Thermacell mosquito repellers claim to offer outdoor enthusiasts an effective and easy to use solution to guard against mosquitoes. The product line, which offers both fuel and battery-powered products, contain a powerful mosquito repellent inspired by nature – a synthetic copy of a natural repellent found in chrysanthemum.

Photos by Mark Munroe

We tested the Patio Shield repeller, which uses heat generated by a butane cartridge to activate and release the repellent, and the Radius repeller, which operates similarly to an oil diffuser.



As we arrived on the first day, we set up both the patio shield (around our tent), and the radius repeller near where we had chairs near the fire on the other side of the campsite. Over the coming days, we would find that, within the perimeter of the two, it was reasonably bug-free, and we seemed very shielded from the mosquitoes, outside of the area, it was a little bit different.

After five days of using the propellers, we noticed a difference.

The patio shield is so easy to use, set up, and takes no charging: you release the mini tanks and repeller pads as needed.

The radius repeller was also super easy to use, the only trouble we had with that one, it’s tough to know when it’s on in daylight, the on light is not bright enough, but outside of that, it was easy to use and also effective.

So, which worked better? Well they both work, that’s a fact, whether one work better than the other, honestly, I’d need a whole summer of testing to figure that out. But I will say, we really like the Patio Shield, and give it the ADDICTED stamp of approval. We also loved the Radius Repeller, just not as much.

Thermacell can be found in Canadian Tire stores, along with other select outdoor and home improvement retailers. Thermacell products are also available internationally in more than 30 countries. For more information on Thermacell and its complete line of repellent products, consumer reviews, and store locations, visit or call 1-866-753-3837.


Thermacell Products gifted for this review. 



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