Pop songstress RALPH shares thrifting tips and tricks and her new EP!

ADDICTED favourite Ralph is back with a new EP and some words of wisdom to share with fashion-savvy fans.

Ralph (née Raffa Weyman) has been a rising star in the Toronto and now North American music scene since making her debut in 2015.  Her silky vocals, irresistible 80s beats and sweet, vulnerable and sassy lyrics have endeared her to an ever-growing fanbase.  It’s easy to see how it’s easy to love her; Ralph combines inspiration from influences like Stevie Nicks, Donna Summer and Sade, with a pop sensibility that is all her own, and the result is completely addictive.

Now Ralph is back with her latest EP, Flashbacks and Fantasies.  The record drops today, along with this awesome new video for her single “Looking for you.”  Check it out here.



Now let’s hear from our pal Ralph on sustainable shopping practices – aka thrifting!


I think my love of thrifting comes from my Mum. She’s always had such unique, special pieces in her closet collected from flea markets, vintage stores, travelling the world, etc. I love that each one has a history and a story behind it, and that no one else has the same item. When we were kids my mum would only dress us in second hand clothes – I had this suede fringe jacket when I was five that I was obsessed with, we bought it in Kensington Market (one of Toronto’s best thrifting neighborhoods.) As I grew up, I adopted her thrill of treasure hunting and to this day, I can spend hours in a thrift or consignment store. The thrill of finding a vintage Dolce and Gabbana silk dress for $12 is indescribable (true story!)  So here are my top 5 thrifting tips so you can hopefully score deals like this one!

Bring water and snacks. 

If you really want the good stuff, you gotta hunt…which takes time. Bring sustenance and hydration to keep your energy up!!

If it’s a ‘Fixer Upper’, be honest with yourself. 

I used to buy things that had holes, or needed alterations and would put them in a bag called “My Fix It Bag”…and then I would never touch the bag again. You’re inevitably going to find pieces that you love that are damaged or don’t fit, and when you do ask yourself “will I actually put in the time and effort to change this?” If the answer is no, leave it behind.

Don’t be afraid to go the distance! 

Usually the best places to thrift are small towns and stores off the beaten path. When I was in Joshua Tree, I randomly went to a dusty vintage store and it was owned by a magical woman who looked like Joni Mitchell and was selling mint condition designer handbags and shoes for $80 US. Don’t be afraid to take a little road trip or bus journey, it’s always worth it!

Don’t go with friends who can’t stick it out. 

If your pals don’t have stamina and are gonna complain and bring you down, ditch em’. I prefer to shop alone or with a close friend who also commits to the hunt.

Take fashion risks!

Try new things and don’t be afraid to stand out! The beauty of thrifting is that no one else will have the same piece as you, so revel in the risk, even if others don’t get it. I remember being on a date and finding an orange mohair cropped sweater at a thrift place. My date was like “you’d actually wear that?” I bought it on the spot and wore it home, it was so perfect. If you love it, don’t let anyone talk you out of it.
Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly