Pogo along to Autogramm’s new new-wave classic

Autogramm is a trio from Vancouver who emulate the new wave best (or worst, depending on your feelings) of the 80s – powerpoppin’ in the style of The Cars and Gary Numan with tight drums and bass and lots of synthy goodness. Comprised of Jiffy Marx on guitar and Moog, C.C. Voltage on bass and The Silo on drums, the band connected in the Vancouver music scene where they played in a number of bands including Black Mountain, Destroyer, Jerk With a Bomb, The Spitfires, Blood Meridian, Lightning Dust and Hard Drugs. This year, Autogramm released their first full-length, What R U Waiting 4? on Nevado Music and have plans to tour the US, Mexico and Europe in 2019.

Here’s the video of their first single, Jessica Don’t Like Rock ‘n Roll. The 80s kid in me loves the perfect Good Rockin’ Tonight bug in the opening!
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