Planning Your Bachelor Party Dinner: Dine Like Gentlemen

You may be headed out for a night of debauchery, but that doesn’t mean you should eat like barbarians first.

In fact, just the opposite. I think that the bachelor party dinner has been usurped by pre-gaming and just involves more drinking of calories than eating.

Change that by taking the meal seriously. Sure, have some booze, but make sure to pack your stomach with something worthy to absorb the alcohol with instead of hot dogs from 7-11.

Photo by Giorgio Paradisi

In this guide, I will go over some ideas on how and what to eat for breaking bread before the nuptials.


Have some gifts ready

When you set the table, whether at a restaurant or if you plan to do the cooking, have gifts at each of the settings. You should definitely have the groomsmen taken care of by giving them something personalized. has a bunch of gifts that work for just about any type of bachelor party you have planned. Whiskey decanters etched with a message or pocket knives or even gift boxes can all be sorted out.


The steakhouse

This is the classic destination for bachelor parties. It is the ideal way to be both primal and yet sophisticated at the same time. Nothing says “bachelor dinner” better than a big steak with some whiskey.

Even vegetarians can get in on it these days. Look for steakhouses or restaurants that serve up a Beyond Meat burger and they can enjoy the same delicious sensation of eating meat without breaking their personal ethos. 


Go Italian

Everybody loves Italian food. You can go high end or at some red sauce joint with great veal perm and decent house wine.

Either way, Italian food is festive by its very nature. To celebrate it is one of the best cuisines to just make you feel good.

My only tip is to not get spaghetti so you don’t ruin your shirt before you go hit the club or casino.


Try something exotic

The point of the bachelor party is to let loose. Go outside your comfort zone and try some ethnic cuisine that may be bold and spicy or just plain unrecognizable.

Most cities, even the smaller ones, will have something unusual to try. Be it Nepalese or Ethiopian, if there is an immigrant community present, they will have a restaurant.

You may not like everything on the menu, but it is a fun bonding experience that will be remembered for years to come.


Cook for yourself

If you have a big kitchen and like to cook, then plan out a meal that will impress. A few days of watching some Youtube for inspiration will have you ready to cook for the troops.

The best parts about doing a DIY bachelor party dinner is that you can save money and also tailor the food to make sure everybody has something that they like.

Just make sure to plan out the menu well ahead of time and do a practice run to make sure you have it under control.


Ready, set, go!



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