Planning the Perfect 2020 Vacation in Florida

With 800 miles of beach, Florida is a dream destination for so many looking to lounge in the sun, sand and emerald sea, yet Florida offers so much more than just soaking up the rays on the beach. There is a wide variety of things to explore.

From the otherworldly Everglades National Park to the Space Coast to Disneyworld, there is so much to discover. Florida offers excitement for the whole family.

To make your next trip to the Sunshine State perfect will take some planning. With the help of this guide, you will no doubt set up the ultimate experience that ticks all the boxes of what you want in a vacation.


Where to stay

Your hotel can make or break your vacation in Florida. Luckily, there are many great ones to choose from. Ocean Florida is the UK’s leading accommodation expert that specializes in villas.

Staying in a villa when visiting Florida could be the highlight of the trip for some. The bit of luxury they offer is one of the best ways to unwind on your well-deserved vacation. They have the perfect amount of space for total comfort and privacy for when you are out lounging by the pool.

They are a home away from home that the kids especially will not want to leave.


Know what type of family you are

Some families love to enjoy a low key day of relaxing by the pool and rounds of mini-golf. To them, that is the ideal vacation.

Others look for a bit of adventure. Those families would be bored at the beach unless there was parasailing or snorkelling on offer.

Knowing how you like to spend your time is the key to planning out your trip.  As a family, you need to make sure you are planning your trip with kids according to what they can handle.

There are cities like St Augustine and St Petersburg for restaurants and shopping. And beaches are not far for when you need to break up some urban action with the sounds of gentle waves on the sand.

Orlando is probably the main reason you are in Florida in the first place, but don’t forget all the other types of entertainment that can be had. With a rental car, the Kennedy Space Center is within reach as a nice return to reality after some fun adventures in Disney.


Don’t try to do everything

Overplanning is a trap many families fall into when on holiday. It is natural to want to pack in as much as possible. Everybody has done it. Hence, why so many people declare that they need a vacation after their vacation!

Make a list of the must-do things that are the very reason you are going to Florida. Then add some of the “would be nice” type of activities.

Leave some wiggle room to either have some downtime or to be spontaneous with an activity that you take part in because it suits your mood at the time. Or, more precisely, your kids’ mood. 

If you don’t leave some time for spontaneity then you and your family risk burnout. You may have an afternoon of zip lining scheduled, but opt to go shopping and lunch instead. The reverse can also be true. If your kids are bored by another day at the beach, it may be time for an unscheduled high energy activity.


Make it educational

Summer break might be a great time to unplug the brain, but it is a great time for some hands-on learning.

Florida has ample opportunities for learning while having loads of fun. Both for kids and adults.

For instance, a trip to the Everglades National Park offers up an unforgettable educational experience. Kids will revel in getting up close with alligators and other unique creatures.

There are airboat tours, bicycle paths and tram rides that will allow you to see most of the park in comfort. And learn some once in a lifetime lessons along the way.


Get off the beaten path

To make your trip even more memorable, go for some offbeat adventures. Florida has some unique activities that are not available in many places.

Try snorkelling in Devil’s Den, which is an underground spring inside a cave. Located only a 90-minute drive from Orlando, it is possible to make it a day trip from anywhere in central Florida.

If you time your trip right, you can even schedule a viewing of a rocket launch from the Kennedy Space Center where SpaceX operates.


Ready for your next sunny adventure? We thought so!




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