Picking The Best Deals To Score Awesome Guitars

Discernment In Instrument Purchasing

Sometimes the only way to get the music right at a ceremony like a wedding is to do it yourself; but what if you don’t have the instrument you need? If you’re going to buy an instrument, you need to know what you’re getting into.

For example, if you’ve never played the guitar before, spending $1,000 on one may not be the wisest choice. Your fingers don’t have callouses yet, you don’t know which kind of guitar will best suit your musical preferences at this point, and you may not even follow through on learning.

Music is fun, it’s like mental candy to many, and it speaks to your soul. But it’s not something which comes naturally to all people. Also, it’s not something that’s necessarily easy. When the music is flowing, when you’re inspired, you can write a “hit” song in minutes. However, music won’t always flow, and you may go years without an original musical thought.

So don’t take the purchase of an instrument lightly. What you want to do is first know what you need, then proceed from there. Also, it’s possible to get some downright astonishing bargains on top-tier guitars. If $200 will give you a Fender Stratocaster, that’ll save you a few hundred dollars; and such an expectation isn’t without the bounds of reason. Following, tactics to score you these kinds of deals will be briefly touched on since most of us just want an affordable and good quality guitar.


1. Musicians Live A Harsh Lifestyle

Music is difficult; especially if you’re good at it. Consider this: U2 was scouted in their teens. Bono was 16 in 1976, the year the internet agrees marks U2’s beginnings. Musicians who have been around understand that it takes time to become seasoned enough as a musician to write meaningful music. Perhaps this is why U2 has that cookie-cutter, “generic” quality.

Since Bono was 16 when he was inducted into musical stardom, he came into the industry from a place of arrested development—as did the rest of the band. As such, even as an adult, the man isn’t well-adjusted. For the rest of us, who don’t sell our souls for rock-n’-roll when in our teens, getting paid for gigs is next to impossible.

It’s not untoward to expect, as an established musician, that you may have to pawn your guitar at one point or another. With this in mind, some of your best finds concerning guitars are going to come from Craigslist.com and pawn shops. Musicians who need cash and can’t get it through conventional means will sell their instruments. If you’re a musician, you can get a great deal on a new or next-to-new guitar just by paying attention to this reality.

Eating right and exercising regularly are key to health. A lot of musicians can’t eat right even when they are paid. There are many times when a musician will pawn a guitar just so they can eat, then buy it back in a week. The stomach of the musical initiate can be the key to you finding a discount on a top-tier guitar.


2. Seasonal Sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday will certainly play a part in whether or not you get a good deal on an instrument. Guitars especially are apt to be sold at discount on these days. Also, November isn’t the only month when such promotional specials may manifest. Download coupon apps and look for seasonal or recurring sales among varying music stores.


3. Don’t Discount Established Methods

At https://www.dealnews.com/s3071/Guitar-Center/, you can find some of the latest deals on the right kind of guitars for your musical needs. Guitar Center has stores across the country, and you can definitely find what you’re looking for at this location—though perhaps not at the price you’d prefer. Still, they’ve got to move inventory, and they’ll announce it when it’s time to discount something.

Determine who the big-ticket music stores are, and keep an eye on their sales. Do the same for small-time music stores local to where you live. Also, don’t discount mainstream web outlets. Amazon.com may have surprising discounts if you check it at the right time.


4. Pay The Price You Want

Establish a budget, know what you’re looking for, then check through established methods, seasonal sales, and Craigslist/pawn shops. This three-fold technique of instrument scouting should help you find the guitar which best fits your needs, and at a price you can practically set yourself. The only real caveat is patience; sometimes finding the right deal takes time.

Stewart Thurlow

Stewart Thurlow

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