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You know him as a celebrity blogger, but Perez Hilton is actually so much more than that – and he’s going to be showing that off to Toronto audiences when he stars as Danny Tanner/Bob Saget in the musical adaptation of Full House, that will be hitting Randolph Theatre in August. Yes, you read that right: a musical adaptation of Full House is coming to Toronto, and it’s starring Perez Hilton. If none of that makes any sense to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone, and I’m here to help. I got a chance to sit down with Perez himself and discuss his upcoming role, and trust me, this show sounds pretty incredible. And if you’ve seen even one minute of this iconic 90s television show, you should be grabbing your tickets for this adaptation ASAP. And side note, Perez is super rad.

I was curious as to whether or not Perez had always wanted to get into acting. Turns out, he has been on the track to be an actor for a while.

“I have wanted to entertain people my whole life, and I’ve been doing that since I was a little kid. Entertaining my grandparents at home by putting on shows for them, then entertaining my classmates in high school by just sharing myself with them. I remember when I was in high school I would make mix tapes for my friends. That was my way of sharing myself with them. And then in college I actually studied acting. I went to NYU to the Tisch School of the Arts and I got my degree in drama. And then I got sidetracked with Perez Hilton, so this is kind of like a full circle moment for me…What’s great is that I still love what I do, I get to have an awesome day job and then at night I now get to do this and just entertain people in a different way than maybe they’re used to seeing me.”

Is Perez going to be hanging out with Bob himself to discuss the role?

No, I don’t think so [laughs]. I don’t need it. I mean, I want it because it would be good publicity. A good photo op. So I’d want that, but it’s not like I’d need that to play this part.”

Damn. I was looking forward to that Instagram post. 

“But I did reach out to John Stamos who’s an old acquaintance of mine. I wanted to make sure he was cool with this – but even if he wasn’t I would have still done it [laughs]. But I thought it would be classy and nice for him to hear from me before the news broke, because not only was he Uncle Jesse but he’s also the rights holder to the ‘Full House’ brand. He bought it I don’t know how long ago, and he’s the one responsible for the show going to Netflix, the revival of it. So he responded back that he was so happy for me, and he was very supportive. And that was nice to hear.”

If Perez gets Uncle Jesse’s seal of approval, clearly he’s rocking to rock the hell out of this role. But that’s not the only reason to look forward to this show. Creators Bob and Tobly McSmith have a proven track record of making excellent musical renditions, including Bayside! The Musical and Showgirls! The Musical. Their incredible CV of work is what drew Perez to the project in the first place.

“It wasn’t [that the show would be] ‘Full House’, it was mainly about Tobly and Bob, knowing that they would do this well. Because had I done it with somebody else whose other work I hadn’t seen, it would be really risky for me, because I would not feel confident that it would be executed properly. I know that this is going to be so fun, and that audiences are going to love it. Even any Perez haters! They’re going to love it. I guarantee it!” 

And just how did Perez manage to get himself attached to the project? In the most Perez-esque way possible: through social media.

“A friend of mine is the choreographer of those shows…and he posted on Facebook that they were doing ‘Full House’, and I left a comment saying “I need to be involved. I’ll even play Mary Kate and Ashley!”. And then Tobly, one of the creators, said “Is Perez being serious?”, and I said “Yes, I’m being very serious!” So we set up a meeting, and ahead of that I sent them some videos of me singing, because I had done some performances over the last few years, and we talked, and then flash forward a couple months, and here we are! It was as simple as that.”

So what could this show possibly be about?

“The show is about me, Danny Tanner, and what’s charming about ‘Full House’ is that he had this amazing ability to give these speeches that seemed to make everything better, always, without fail. Once that piano music started, boom! Everything would solve itself. But something happens in our show where he loses his ability to give these dad speeches and everything starts to go wrong. And then I start to lose my mind and I become Bob Saget [laughs]. So yeah, I think its both celebrating and lovingly skewering Full House.”

If you’re dying to see this show (and you should be), be sure to check out Full House The Musical, which hits the Randolph Theatre from August 18th to September 6th. On sale now, tickets range in price from $29.95 to $99.95 and are available online at



Perez Hilton photo by Kristin Hoebermann
Full House The Musical logo courtesy of Starvox Entertainment

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