PATCH: The World’s First Compostable Plaster

Like may others, I’m on a mission to significantly reduce my consumption of single use plastics. I no longer use plastic carrier bags, having switched to canvas totes a while ago. I have a reusable water bottle and a keep coffee cup that I carry with me when I’m out and about and I refuse plastic straws if I’m at a bar.

In spite of these little changes I still have a way to go before I’m able to say I’m completely plastic free; I’m yet to eliminate plastic packaging from my weekly shop and I’m still to invest in a replacement for clingfilm. I have, however, found an alternative to the humble plaster.

I recently learned that traditional plasters create approximately 2.04 billion metres of waste annually and surprisingly, even fabric and traditional hypoallergenic plasters contain environmentally unsound plastic microfibres and animal by-products.

James Dutton, founder of PATCH has created a bandage that is not only hypoallergenic, it’s vegan friendly and 100% home-compostable. Born out of an allergy Dutton’s son Charlie had to regular plasters, PATCH strips are made from bamboo fibres and are the only latex, paraben free, sulphate, thimerosal/merthiolate and plastic free wound care on the market.

PATCH comes in four varieties:

Natural – PATCH strips without added ingredients, for cuts and scratches.

Aloe Vera – PATCH strips for burns and blisters, enriched with Aloe Vera to help sooth skin irritations and promote healing of wounds.

Activated Coconut – PATCH strips for abrasions and grazes enriched with Coconut oil and featuring a fun panda design.

Activated Charcoal – PATCH strips for bites and splinters, enriched with Activated Charcoal, commonly used to draw out impurities from infected wounds.


Every element of PATCH is naturally made from the inside out; each variety is packaged in fully home-compostable wrappers and a stowaway tube. Find out more at or @patchstrips #patchstrips.

PATCH is available online and from Superdrug, Planet Organic, Holland and Barrett stores and Harrod’s Pharamacy, RRP £6.99.

Stewart Thurlow

Stewart Thurlow

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