Partners in love and music: meet FEATURETTE

In life, we form many different partnerships. Some can be for work, others for friendship, and others still for love or companionship.  But what happens when those partnerships start to overlap?  According to one couple, some pretty great things actually.


FEATURETTE is a Toronto based duo made up of Lexie Jay (vocals) and Jon Fedorsen (drums).  Along with being band mates, Lexie and Jay are also lifemates.  The pair have been making killer electro-pop tunes together for a couple of years now and they tell me that their multi-layered partnership has become an asset in both their creative process and in furthering their career as artists.  And they may just be onto something; the duo released their debut album Crave in 2016 after receiving a recording grant from FACTOR Canada.  In just 3 short years FEATURETTE has toured, enjoyed mainstream radio airplay and have shared the stage with the likes of Alessia Cara, Ria Mae and Coleman Hell.  Here’s their latest single, “Don’t know me without you” for your listening pleasure.


We got the chance to chat with Lexie from FEATURETTE about what it’s like to be in a band with your life partner and if it’s as cool as it sounds.  Take a read below!


What has been the most surprising thing about being in a band with your partner?

It wasn’t surprising per se, it was kind of the most natural thing? The band came first, and we’ve always been mutually aligned that FEATURETTE is our joint passion and avenue for expression. It’s the place where we can take both of our individual experiences and combine them to make something new. What’s been surprising is that we still find ourselves learning from each other and getting better at honing our craft. Interestingly, when we started all this, we spoke very different musical languages, Jon came from the jazz world, and I studied classical harmony. As a result we often would speak about the same idea but because we had different contexts and training, we had no idea what the other one was talking about! Over the years we’ve developed a new language that we both understand that’s uniquely our own.


What’s the most challenging thing? 

Hands down when we disagree about a musical idea, concept or sound because we disagree SO hard! We’ve totally lost the politeness barrier that would come with working with someone that you’re familiar with but still have boundaries, right? Jon and I are super honest and very passionate about the writing we do and most of those boundaries have fallen, so naturally we’ll come to areas of contention. But I really believe that working through those really does let the best idea win, and ultimately benefits our music! Although it’s challenging, I’d say it’s an asset of ours.


What has been the best thing?

The best thing is that we’re around each other so much of the time, that when one of us has those drop-everything-brilliant-voice-memo ideas, we can literally stop what we’re doing and head to the studio to explore that idea without having the get all the band members together. It’s just us, so we’re very mobile and can act swiftly. It doesn’t cost a tonne of time or energy to explore new ideas because the only time we’re eating into is our own. It’s really allowed us to develop our sound over the years into something we’re very proud of today, just by having the flexibility to make music when we feel the call! It’s super liberating.




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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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