Pai Skincare: Gentle solutions for sensitive skin

As a former teenage pizzaface and relatively greasy adult, I’m pretty sure I could put Drano on my face and have my skin shrug it off as all in a day. I’ve used some harsh junk on my face, so sometimes I forget how many people are ultra sensitive to cleansers, toners and lotions. If that sounds like you, then Pai Skincare might be worth a whirl.

Rigorously formulating, testing and producing their concoctions in an in-house lab and manufacturing facility, Pai’s products focus on select, plainly labeled natural ingredients in lieu of unpronounceable chemical fillers often found in big name brands. Why? Because those harsh fillers (perfumes, foaming agents and countless other synthetics) are frequently what trigger allergic reactions and inflammation.

Here are a few of our favorites from the line.

Camellia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser: This guy comes with a muslin cloth to aid exfoliation, which I’ve been using obsessively long after my cleanser ran out. This cleanser is rich and creamy, so it’s great for removing makeup without much resistance, eye make-up included. Skin feels simultaneously completely clean and moisturized — unlike other cleansers purporting to remove makeup, which strip away every last natural oil and render your tight and dry. As a lover of late, long nights, I grew to really appreciate how quickly this cleanser worked its magic, because even in the wee hours, I couldn’t find much excuse not to strip off my makeup before zonking out.

Lotus and Orange Blossom Bioaffinity Skin Tonic: I almost wish I hadn’t used this up during the winter, because I’m going to guess it’s a dream in the summer as a quick refresher on the go! Brimming with minerals, vitamins and plant extracts, this spray-on tonic soothes redness, irritation and hydrates, tackling inflammation rather than suppressing it. I’m also a fan of its sexy, frosted glass bottle and wide pump, which spritzed just the right amount evenly across my face in just a pump or two.

Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil: This supercharged, highly concentrated rosehip oil is fantastic for keeping skin supple in dry weather, so I imagine it’s fantastic for maturing skin as well, which may need a turbo boost of moisture. Great as a nighttime moisturizer around the eyes and any problem areas.

Give the brand a follow on social media, ask away if you have any questions, and you might just find a solution to your skin’s sensitivities!

Emy Stantcheva
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Emy Stantcheva