Overnight Celebrity?

In the world we live in today headlines, magazines, commercials, movies, TV, social media are all dominated by the image of Celebrity, and while some of that is just knowing the right people or maybe some stroke of luck like becoming “insta” famous, for most in the spot-light it takes a lot more then just an interesting or sexy instagram feed.

So when we heard about what the BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo was up to, we had to investigate further.

In the schools latest campaign they aim to present Oslo as a city where international students quickly will feel at home. Throughout the campaign, a chosen student will get his/her name and interests widely exposed all over Oslo, with a reach way beyond the student community. The city of Oslo will be plastered with a wide range of activities, like billboards, posters, in magazine ads and TV commercials. Even the soda machine in the cafeteria will have cans branded with the student´s name. In short – the campaign makes the chosen international student a city celebrity from day one, in a highly spectacular, charming, fun and entertaining way.

Lets be honest, if a school had offered me that opportunity I probably would have been much more inclined to invest a little more time and energy then I did…or a least be excited for it.

Check out the video for yourself.


We needed a campaign getting attention to Oslo among international students. Many young people across Europe have surprisingly little knowledge of Oslo and all the possibilities, the activities and the fun the city has to offer. Hopefully this campaign will bring a change to that”, explains Arne Wellberg, Head of Marketing at BI Norwegian Business School.

I would say that they hit the nail on the head so to speak with this campaign. It was well thought out, very interesting, with the perfect commercial and… international press (including Addicted).

So for all you up and coming international students, maybe it’s time you thought about how you would like to start off your academic career. Wouldn’t you just love to show up and have everyone already know your name? I would!



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