Our Guide to Great Brows

I love the current beauty trend of strong, standout brows. Gone are the overplucked and aggressively linear brows of the nineties. Big, bold, natural looking with an expert shape; the brows of now are essential to any makeup look.

My brows, while wide, have always been sparse. It takes a bit of work to give me the groomed brows I desire, but with a few simple steps I achieve brow glory. I’m sharing my tricks of the trade, take a read below.

Put down the Tweezers

This is probably one of the most challenging step of the brow reshaping process, but it must be done. If you want bolder brows, you won’t get them if you’re plucking away your growth. Wait it out as long as you can (at least a month to start) and give yourself a new canvas to start with. So let those tweezers gather dust, and let your brows grow wild before you can tame them into fabulousness.

Find a brow expert

Once you’ve let your brows grow to the point of personal intolerance, it’s time to find a brow guru to shape them to perfection. My current brow boss is Autumn from Allure Body Bar. Upon meeting Autumn and seeing her own buxom brows for myself, I knew mine would be in the best hands. At our first appointment she asked me what my brow goals were, and my answer was “yours”. From then we set off on a journey that started with monthly waxing, giving my brows a chance to fill in between appointments. Once some more growth was clocked, the sparser areas were bolstered by a brow tint, another Allure specialty.  Throughout the process Autumn stayed my main brow gal, ensuring that things progress according to our growth plan, and keeping my desired shape consistent.  Trust me, and trust those brows to a pro.

Seriously, don’t touch those tweezers

Caving into the urge to tweeze is the fastest way to ruin your mid stage brows. One false pluck and all that patience growing those gals out is wasted, so put the tweezers down, or better yet don’t pick them up at all. In between sessions I was under strict orders to keep my paws off my own tweezers, which was clearly a challenge. But leaving the hair removal to the experts in those growth months really is worth it; I’ve seen it for myself. After just a few months, my brows are fuller than ever, and the mission isn’t even over yet. And until then there are some tools to help along the way.

Fill what you can’t grow

Thank you Instagram for making dramatic brows all the rage and making brow filling products an essential tool in any makeup kit. Regarding color selection, the general rule of thumb is if you’re dark haired, go slightly lighter than your natural color, and if you’re light haired, go slightly darker, and pick either warm or ashy tones depending on your own hair color. Next, pick your product. A pencil with a fine tip using quick, small lines can mimic the look of hair for a natural look. A powder, set with a brow wax can create a softer look that still lends itself to drama. And a brow balm, a paste with color, used with a sharp angle brush provide the drama for those Insta-worthy brows. Finish off with a highlighter directly under the brow line for that really sharp look, and your set.

Check out my fave brow products from Caryl Baker Visage; no matter what the look you’re trying to achieve, they’ve got you covered.

Use the right tools

Once your brows are at their perfect shape, you can either up your visits to biweekly to keep those brows on fleek. In between, to keep things tidy, ensure you’re armed with a pair of top of the line tweezers (yes, you’re allowed to use them now), like these angled Tweezerman beauties. Sharp and precise they ensure that even the smallest hairs won’t be spared. Along with great tweezers, add a spoolie (you know, those little dry mascara wand looking things), and a pair of small scissors to your brow arsenal. Just brush your brow hairs up with your wand, and trim the strains to keep your brows looking neat between shaping appointments.


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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly