Ontario portrait photographer Wayne Simpson takes over “Through the Lens: Canada”

Now into its 5th season the catching original documentary series, “Through The Lens: Canada” follows 10 breakthrough Canadian and Canada-based photographers to discover the magic behind the extraordinary images that capture the essence of Canada and push the boundaries of art and technology to the limits.

Since we are of course a Canadian outlet, we had to check it out for ourselves and we must admit, we have become captivated.

On top of that, we were also tipped off that Ontario’s-own Wayne Simpson is being featured on the fourth episode of “Through the Lens”. The character portrait photographer has a unique eye for capturing the soul of people, mainly older men in the wild. He has the innate ability to seize people’s life stories in their faces in one shot.

Watch the preview here:


Since its inception in 2005, “Through the Lens” has served as a springboard for up-and-coming creators to showcase their work and give others a chance to see the inspiration behind some of their extraordinary images. Now in its fifth season, the docu-series is taking viewers on a journey of Canada’s people, food, landscapes and architecture and much more through the eyes of some of the country’s breakthrough creatives in the photography world.

Catch Wayne’s in this weeks episode here!

More episodes in the season feature:

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