Online offerings that can help pass the time at home

While we are all at home, really around the globe, it’s key that we keep ourselves busy. With that being said we thought we share what our team has been up to online, to keep themselves busy while the world tries to stop the spread of COVID19.

So from free to paid, connected to content made, we have some great ideas to keep you occupied while we hunker down over the coming weeks or months.

Photo credit: Marcus Aurelius.


Get Social with TikTok

You may think that TikTok is just an app for kids, and while it may have started out that way, it’s grown into so much more.

From videos for change, to work workouts, hilarious loops, to outlandish pranks, TikTok offers not only an array of entertainment in a bite-sized format, but it also allows those creative souls to make whatever their heart desires (as long as it adheres to community guidelines of course).

What started as a smaller music app, Has now blown up into one of the biggest social apps in the world with now over 800,000 millions users, including, yours truly.

So if you’re looking to find your tribe, build a niche or just have a few laughs, TikTok might be perfect for you!


Learn a new language with Duolingo

I’ve been learning Spanish over the last few months, and while I still have a long ways to go until I’ll be able to speak it fluently, I must say, it’s been great for eating up time while I’m at home, and while you can pay for premium, you can also just use it for free and learn as you like.

Not only does it eat up time, it super productive and helpful to learn a new language, it’s also great to set goals and keep a routine, and adding a daily dose of Duolingo does just that, and you can take as little as 3 minutes of 3 hours should you like.

If you’re going to be at home, you might as well be a productive part of the time, right!


Play some online games

While I’m not much for online games or betting, I know a lot of people that are into both, and the people tell me that if you’re looking to play online games, you have to pay FIFA 20, Tetris 99 and Diablo lll.


Get Face to Face with Houseparty

Even though right now we can’t actually be face to face, the next best is facetime or if you want to turn it into a group chat and add some games into the mix, you may want to download Houseparty.

Houseparty app allows users to join in a video group chat with features for games, allowing for the closest thing to a house party we can have at the current time.

It’s fun, and really does help in connecting with people, as well as passing the time. Try it out with a couple of friends and see for yourself, just be warned, you might get hooked.


Stream the perfect workout for you from HASfit

Unlike a lot of at-home workout videos, the team from HASfit offer a slew of videos with literally just what you have a home or no equipment at all.

The workout range in intensity and level, and offer an array of different body workouts that include strength training, balance, band work, military, and more.

I’ve actually been using their workouts daily while I’ve been at home. Watching a workout, that’s well set up, challenging and engaging can really help to not only guild you but keep you on track and focused on your goals, and since I kinda love the couple the runs the works outs, I’m always up to find a new one or crack out one I’ve done before to get my daily exercise fix.

I like to think of it as, stream and sweat.



So there you have it, a slew of ways online, can keep you busy, connected, productive, and on your toes, while we wait for this troubling time to pass.



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