Online Dating In 2020: Basic Principles To Stay Safe Online

Dating apps have become exceptionally popular in today’s day and age, and while the online world of things has drastically altered almost every aspect of our daily lives, how we find love is one of them. However, despite the popularity of these apps, the shocking truth about the dangers lurking within are a lot less spoken of.

Gone are the days when couples would meet in traditional setups, such as the local coffee shop or the night club that everyone’s talking about, these days, we simply swipe right or truth a site to match our profiles with seemingly suitable candidates. Even though the elements of dating apps may seem appealing as the hard parts are handled for us, and we are under a false sense of security that meeting prospects will be solely under our terms, many users of dating apps have found themselves in challenging, and overwhelming situations after trusting dating apps to handle their love lives for them. Before signing up and crafting a stellar dating profile, here’s what you should consider to keep yourself safe online.


Keep Your Location Private

Dating apps come in all different shapes and sizes, and while some suggest that sharing your location is a great idea, it truly never is. Apps such as Tinder help match you with prospects with the help of your rough location as the app suggests profiles within a certain perimeter. However, it would be best to keep your location private until you are completely comfortable with meeting a candidate from any dating app. When considering just how terrifying the online realm can be and just how many people have made the decision to meet dating app finds in their homes, safety should be your first concern.


Establishing Authenticity

Chating online with a romantic prospect can be an exhilarating affair for most. However, almost everyone wonders just how authentic the person on the other side of the phone is. Luckily, there are several ways of establishing authenticity when using dating apps, such as searching for the online presence of your romantic interest on other social platforms and determining whether or not they are who they say they are.


Safe Sexting

Sexting is not for everyone, and if you ever find yourself chatting to a prospect who seems pushy about nudes and sexting, it is best to cut communication immediately. However, if you are someone that finds sexting appealing, you should consider taking certain safety precautions, such as leaving your face out of nude photographs and avoid any capturing any identifying marks such as scars and/tattoos as this will help protect your identity should things go south at any point. Sexting and sending nudes has often left online daters distraught as photographs can be used illegally for various terrifying purposes, which is why you should consider your privacy and safety steps before engaging in conversations that may end up keeping you up at night.

Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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