One Bad Son – Made in The Name of Rock N Roll

Hailing from Saskatoon, One Bad Son combine a few genres to create their sound. Rock on the harder side, but blended with a driving beat, a grain or two of pop and highly singalongable choruses. Yet, when the band claims to be Made in The Name of Rock N Roll, you’re not left searching for irony. It kicks too much ass to care. Gavin Brown’s production on the album is stellar, letting Adam Hicks’ riffing guitars and Shane Volk’s raw power vocals speak for who this band is, while making sure the rhythm section of Adam Grant’s bass and Kurt Dahl’s mostly four-on-the-floor drums never let the song drift far away from being danceable. This album will please fans looking for a modern take on their favourite 80s metal or wish Redd Kross had more scream and rage.


Made in the name of rock n’ roll comes out today. Head over to One Bad Son’s website to learn where to buy.

Made In The Name of Rock N Roll  – Track Listing
Side A:
1.    Made In The Name of Rock N Roll
2.    Raging Bull
3.    Hurricane
4.    The Promise
5.    Like A Weapon
Side B: 
1.    Rise Up
2.    Scream For Me
3.    True Romance
4.    Streets Are Red
5.    Flying High
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