Once You Go Perfect Black, You’ll Never Go Back

We all have those TV shows that we love, and now more then ever we want what we are watching to look like it’s come to life right in front of our eyes.

From the zombies in The Walking Dead angrily coming right at you, to Gaga being her fantastic self on American Horror Story we want to view TV like we are right there watching every moment, and every motion up close and personal.

When it comes to picture LG has always been one of the leaders, and from their latest videos, it’s not had to see why. The new LG OLED TV might be the clearest picture we have ever seen.

OLED needs no backlight. Each individual pixel can emit light on its own. This enables OLED to create the perfect shades of black, and an infinite contrast ratio, both of which would be impossible with a backlight

What We Can Expect from LG’s New OLED Display Technology?

Think of an image of a night sky. How dark are the black parts of that black sky? If you are a city-dweller, it’s quite possible you don’t know how dark it should be. That’s because the night sky is polluted by artificial light sources. It is only when we travel away from civilization, out into the wilderness that we can truly appreciate the majesty of the night sky. With no light pollution, the blackness of space makes many more objects in the night sky visible.

The graphics below are intended to show the effects of light pollution. On the left side, we can easily see how city lights can make it harder to see the stars in the night sky. On the right, we can see that LG OLED TV is most similar to a night sky free of light pollution. An image of bright dots on a black background looks far more crisp and clear on an LG OLED TV, while it is rendered blurry and less visible on an LCD TV.

A video clip recently released by LG Electronics – the world’s leading OLED TV provider –features renowned artist Kathy Klein highlighting the benefits of OLED’s rich colour palette.



Want to see more of this amazing TV, check out the video below.



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