Okinawa: The Secret is Out


Okinawa, a stunning Island about 640 kilometres south of Japan is know for having a population that is one of the longest living people in the world, but what most people don’t know is the beauty, the sites, and the experience that is offered there.

In the new series, “The Secret is Out” we see just a glimps into what the gem in the pacific has to offer while bringing 6 people from around the word to experience the beauty, warm people, gorgeous weather, and also to reveal a secret to someone in their life.

Personally in that setting you could pretty much tell anything and I would be overjoyed, like literally anything.

I this first episode Eric heads from Paris to Okinawa take a break from what has been a very stressful few years to reveal a secret to his wife in the land where “everyone can be their true self”.

Check out the episode for yourself.

To learn more about the series surrounding this gorgeous and magical place visit them today.



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