Obsessed with Rainer + Grimm’s “Tempted”

Toronto’s own Rainer + Grimm has released their newest track, “Tempted”, and we are obsessed. The R&B inspired dance music duo crafted this sultry piece with incredible vocals and a deep bassline for the release of this track and our ears are blessed.

After launching in 2014, Rainer + Grimm have seen success with their remix of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.” From there, they released their first original song “Talk to Me,” and have travelled across the world playing shows from Spanish House to Digital Dreams right here at home.

“Tempted”, the duo’s latest offering, begins with a sexy beat and even sexier vocals, which you can’t help but instantly dancing too. As the beat drops even deeper for the course, the track leads you into full groove mode, bopping your head and resisting the urge to get up and dance at work. The song is soulful and addicting, with one of those perfect house music beats that reminds you of sunny days, warm weather, and lust.

House music fans are in for quite a treat as Rainer + Grimm continue to make music. We can’t wait to hear what’s next,  but for now we are playing ‘Tempted” on repeat all day.

Our friends at the Bleeding Hearts Club have curated a great mix for us, and it starts with the gorgeous “Tempted”. Start there, and get lost in the music with us.


Samie Durnford

Samie Durnford

Contributor at Addicted
Samie Durnford is a Toronto based writer with a heart that beats at 138BPM. An electronic music lover, you can find her listening to anything from trance to techno. Samie has been a reality TV columnist for the Toronto Sun and has interviewed DJs for THUMP Canada. She's taken electronic music on as a lifestyle, travelling to EDM festivals across North America whenever she can.
Samie Durnford