NYC’s Most Renowned Mixologists

When it comes to cocktails, New York is the place to be. Besides all the amazing sights, restaurants, museums, and theaters, New York is home to some of the best mixologists in the world. They are creative, innovative, and skilled – and everything that they are can be seen in their delicious drinks that are prepared with care and passion. So, if you’d like to learn more about New York’s mixology, here are some of the best mixologists in the city.

Igor Zukowiec

Igor Zukowiec is the mastermind behind ALCHEMIQ, one of the most popular catering companies in the city. He’s been in the cocktail world for more than 10 years. Moreover, he says that the idea behind ALCHEMIQ was to build a catering company that provides its clients with not just delicious food but amazing cocktails as well. Therefore, if you find yourself in the area, make sure to try some of his drinks.

Jim Meehan

Jim Meehan has definitely made a mark on the cocktail culture. He started bartending while he was still a student. In 2007, he was named a StarChefs Rising Star Mixologist. His bar, PDT (short for “Please Don’t Tell”), has received numerous awards including a reward for “World’s Best Cocktail Bar”. The bar even published a book, The PDT Cocktail Book, reinforcing Meehan’s influence. Moreover, Meehan has also released a PDT cocktail app, and he has published more than a few books about his experience.

Parker Boase and Gregory Lucas

These two mixologists know how to recognize a good drink. After years of bartending, they realized that finding a good drink is not as easy as it sounds, so they decided to launch their own business, Liquid Lab NYC. Their business is not only catering but also teaching others how to make good – and healthy – cocktails.

Anne Robinson

This mixologist from Boston has a long history in NYC’s bar scene. She worked with Jim Meehan, then moved on to opening another speakeasy, before working at Booker and Dax. Now, she has come up with a menu that shows off her talent perfectly by blending the tasty classics with the whimsical originals, which perfectly matches the chef Andrew Carmellini’s vegetable-based menu.

Andrea Morris

Since the moment she fell in love with wine at the age of 16, she knew that she has found her calling. She used to work as a server at Eleven Madison Park, but now she works at Nix. It’s a vegetarian place, and one of her goals is to come up with a list of wines that can complement the delicious veggies.

Pamela Wiznitzer

Like many other mixologists, the path towards success hasn’t been easy for Wiznitzer. She started in 2006, while still studying and became more serious about the mixology business in 2009 when she needed more money for the rent and bills. Eventually, she fell in love with the profession and became one of the best mixologists in the country.

Greg Seider

With more than 15 years of experience under his belt, Greg Seider is one of the best mixologists in NYC. He likes traveling around the world and perfecting his technique, and he has created many cocktail programs for different restaurants and bars in the country. Besides creating some of the most delicious drinks in NYC, he also does whatever he can to educate young mixologists and everybody else who likes making fine drinks.


These mixologists have made their profession into not just a means of earning money but also a form of art that inspires others who are just like them. For them, making cocktails is a passion, and they care about providing their customers with nothing but the best quality cocktails that are bound to make them come back for more. Therefore, if you happen to find yourself in New York, make sure to visit some of their bars and taste their unique drinks. It would definitely be an experience to remember.

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