Say hello to the new Nutri-Grain

Recently I was sent a fun little box. On the top, it read #SIMPLYREALGOOD, on the sides, it showed real fruit, nuts, and had three layers. So I started at the beginning.



As I made my way through the layers of the box, I finally reached the new Nutri-Grain bars, packaged in the cutest way. With a smile on my face, I was eager to try them out.

To the eye, they were already different from the bars I was familiar with. There were big pieces of nuts, dried fruit and berries, reminding me of the hearty granola and energy type bars that I really enjoy as a snack.

Kellogg Canada has now introduced Fruit & Nut Medley Bars, the perfect snack for those of us that are living a fast-paced life who don’t want to compromise on great taste and real ingredients. The new bars contain no artificial flavors or colors; real, delicious fruits and nuts make up half the bar, along with crispy puffed rice and whole grain gluten free oats.

These addictive bars are available in two delicious flavours:
Orchard Cherries & Almonds and Harvest Blueberries & Mixed Nuts.

Check out my video below as I try out the Nutri-Grain bar’s again, for the first time.



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