Nourish Moi – The Ultimate Guilt Free Desserts


Confession time: I have horrible eating habits. Confession time, the sequel: I have a serious love of dessert. While my eating habits may have been something I’ve gotten away with here and there, the older I get, the more I notice the effects of unhealthy eating, in terms of weight, energy and overall well-being. I’m trying to get on the path to taking better care of myself, but it would break my heart if that meant I had to give up delicious, glorious things like chocolate, carrot cake and all the tasty things that make life worth living. Well my lovely readers, I’ve found the answer to this epic conundrum: Nourish Moi.

Nourish Moi is founded by vegan, yogi and all around health guru Rita Haddad. As a conscious eater she found, like many of us, that typical “health” foods left much to be desired in the way of taste. Believing that good FOR you can also TASTE good, Rita set out to create recipes for healthy desserts that can satisfy the most intense of cravings without sacrificing taste. After having tried some of her concoctions, I can tell you that she has succeeded!

Made with whole plant based food ingredients, Nourish Moi features a variety of vegan desserts that are free of dairy and refined sugars, an ingredient in so many foods that’s actually terrible for you. The fact is that refined sugars are completely devoid of any nutritional value, and are actually very hard on the body due to how difficult they are to digest. Tasty, yes. Good for you, hell no. And now that I know I can nibble on delectable macaroons, vegan carrot cake and exquisite chocolates without that nasty stuff in them that taste even better than typical desserts, I may never go back!

Feast your eyes on some of the incredible desserts made by Nourish Moi here:

Want to try some for yourself? Simply contact Rita through her website and follow her on social media:@nourishmoipfinc


Bon Appetit!


Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly