Addicted to Love? No Gay, No Straight.

Let’s just lay this out: sexuality is a scale. “Straight” is on one side and “Gay” is on the other, thus we all sit somewhere on that scale and if life were super easy and we all had parents ( and people around us) that were open and knowledgeable then we would all just live out our lives being whatever we are, and being with whoever we want to be with.

Sadly, we know that life just isn’t that simple.

So why can’t we just all admit that we are somewhere on that scale, realize that we are all really the same (with different likes along the scale) and make peace with it all and celebrate it all? Well, that would mean that a lot of straight men would have to admit that they are kind of “Gay” and even though that doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to have sex with a man. In the system we have built, a man who has thoughts of other men must be gay. Which of course is Wrong.

If we remove the labels, we are all just human beings, with wants and needs.

There are things that someone doesn’t like in bed and another person loves, there are straight men that don’t want to perform oral sex on a woman, there are gay men that don’t want to do the same with other men, does that make them less straight or gay, no, it just means that they are somewhere different along that scale.

A man can be attracted to a woman and intrigued by a man. A woman could consider herself a lesbian and still want to have sex with men every so often, and that’s not even mentioning all the possibilities in between, especially for those who identify in different ways across the ever widening spectrum of gender and sexuality. Truly, the possibilities are endless, and isn’t that the way it should be?

Based on social expectations and quite often religious teachings there has always been a separation between being heterosexual and homosexual. But really they aren’t separate at all, they are both the end points to the colourful scale that makes up the adventure that is our sexual history.

So isn’t it about time that we lost all the labels, realized that everyone just has wants, needs, and desires, and as long as we aren’t hurting anyone else, should everyone just be left alone to live their lives without judgment, persecution, or even having to explain.

Either way, I say we drop the labels, live our lives and just have some fun.





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