Noname live at the Danforth Music Hall

If there’s one name in hip-hop you should know for 2019, it should be Noname.

Taking the stage at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall, the packed venue clamored with twenty-somethings itching to see the Chicago rapper impart her unique brand of street soul.

Effectively bringing her musical poetry from her albums (i.e. Room 25, Telephone) to the stage, Noname (whose real name is Fatimah Warner) captivated the crowd with charisma and lyricism, exemplifying her evolution as a hip hop emcee.

Supplying energetic numbers throughout the set, Nomane came backed by a full band including keyboards, drums, bass, guitar, and three singers. Softly illuminated by a neon Room 25 sign from behind, she maintained a flair for zeroing-in on fans looking to connect. When she received that acceptance back, it was like magic, with each beat aligning with her stride.

Offering up a handful of cuts from Telelphone, with Bye Bye Baby receiving a lovely crowd singalong, the night was heavy with Room 25 material. However, Noname had no problem giving fans what they came to see, constantly moving her hands to her words, in turn building upon her free-spirit aura.

The crowd was swaying back and forth to the lively set, reciting her lyrics with their collective voices. Truthfully, she’s a deeply reflective performer, disqualifying any premature skepticism.

In fact, it was the shows easygoing ambience that helped Noname deliver an impressive and kinetic set list during her stop at the Danforth Music Hall. She’s certainly a name you won’t soon forget.

Myles Herod

Myles Herod

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Myles Herod