No time to cook? Then you need Meels

I admit I’ve cooked a lot over the past year. While I’d like to order delivery every few days, it just isn’t financially responsible. So I asked myself, is there a service where you could select a few meals to take the load off you for all the cooking, or what if you could get all the breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire week? Well, say hello to Meels.

Meels is Healthy Meal Delivery in the Greater Toronto Area that offers organic, wholesome food prepared by chefs for you.

Each week you pop on and make your selections for the week to come. The menu ranges and changes but always offers healthy and delicious choices for singles, couples or the whole family.


It goes like this:


Pick Your Meals

Choose your meals from their weekly selection of delicious, wholesome meals. Whatever your diet or preference, they most probably have options for you. From bountiful balanced breakfasts to savoury, satisfying suppers, the selections are not only healthy and well made, but we were also able to find a lot that we loved.


They Prepare Your Meals

Once you’ve made your selection, they get to work preparing your order using the best locally sourced, organic ingredients, which shows. There are no frozen dinners here, this is like mamma’s cooking showing up, and all you have to do is reheat it.


Your Meals Are Delivered

Busy schedule? No problem. They carefully package your meals in a cooled container to keep your food fresh! (Delivery is available in the GTA, Hamilton, Barrie and some of the areas in between. Please check if they deliver to you.)



When it came to selection, we loved what Meels was offering up. The breakfast choices included a Turkey Bacon Breakfast sandwich and Sous Vide Egg Bite, Sauteed Greens and Baked Beans, which both were delicious. The entrees included Jerk Chicken with Slaw, Rice and Peas, Fajita Style Steak with Saffron Jasmine Rice, and BBQ Salmon with Roasted Broccoli with Parsnip Puree.

It easy to understand why we counted down the minutes until our next meal, from Meels, that is.

Not only do they have some great selections for meals, but they also have some excellent snack-type desserts, including two-bite brownies and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.


Their menu changes weekly, keeping it fresh and stopping you from getting into a food funk. So, if you’re looking to cut down on the cooking, take some time off, or you’ve just been looking for someone else to cook for you, Meels might be the perfect solution.





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