New Music Friday – Why Does It Feel Like Summer Is Over? Edition

Maybe I’m just being a downer, but I see a dimming light not far ahead that looks like leaves changing colour. Is it just me or did summer fly by? Up here in Toronto, the weather didn’t get warm until June, so that may be why I feel this way. No matter what, enjoy every last moment of this summer.
I hope you’re reading this on your phone while you’re outside doing something outsidey.

I’ve run out of time, so I’ll just say, support the artists you love. Not by streaming the crap outta your favourite song, but with good old cash.
Buy their music, buy their merch, buy tickets to their concerts.

Have a great, safe weekend!

Mob Bounce is an Alter-Native hip hop duo from BC and Saskatchewan fronted by The Northwest Kid and Heebz the Earthchild. They combine EDM and hip hop with Indigenous influences to produce a truly unique sound. I’ve been loving this track below, Sounds Of You. Their EP Transformation is out today. Have a listen.
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Struggling to keep summer alive as long as possible? Here’s a tonic. Big Gigantic create music that’s normally attributed to a DJ but with live instruments, as a duo. Along with singer-songwriter, Ashe, whom I would listen to as she sang a take-out menu, they’ve released a new single, Friends today.




Next up, here’s a song that I only needed to listen to for 5 seconds before I knew I was including it in today’s post. Toronto’s Neon Bloom have put out their latest single, Lighten Up and it’s accompanied by the video they shot in Taiwan. No more need for words apart from letting you Toronto readers know that they’re playing a couple of local shows, September 8 at the Monarch Tavern and September 14 at Adelaide Hall.


Sadly, I missed The Growlers when they made a stop in Toronto. I’m sure it was a good time, as this band seems to love or create one wherever they go. This LA-based psych-garage-pop band blends many influences. They just put out a new single, Going Gets Tough.
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Mob Bounce photo by Dale Cutler
The Growlers photo by Taylor Bonin
Neon Bloom photo by Miz Monday
Big Gigantic photo by unknown

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