New Music Friday – Themeless Edition

We don’t need a theme!
The world is a flaming sewage pit of avarice and hatred that is impossible to extinguish!

Fuck it! Let’s listen to great music!

Sorry, that’s a terrible way to introduce new music to new listeners. I guess the denouement is that these artists make me happy despite the less beautiful things that seem to dominate global news.

So, what we can do is help them make our miserable lives less so by supporting them. Streaming services pay so little that you can hardly call it pay. I’m not saying don’t stream music. But understand that your subscription to a streaming service doesn’t make it to your favourite artist. They take your $15 a month and pay artists 1/3750th of that amount per stream. That’s a poor way to show that each stream pays around a third of a penny. Support artists you love by buying their music and tickets to their shows and getting a shirt or a mug or, gulp, even a tote bag.


Ludic is a Vancouver-based funk, jazz & soul trio consisting of guitarist Ayla Tesler-Mabe (also of Calpurnia) and rhythm section brothers Max and Rhett Cunningham. Upbeat, endlessly grooving with lots of feel-good chords, have a listen to 2 Myself from this immensely talented young group.


Grizzly Coast is the musical project of Toronto based indie-rock musician Alannah Kavanagh. This year, she is set to release a string of singles to promote her anticipated full-length LP. Here’s one of them that I’ve been playing a lot. I love her voice and guitar. Have a watch of Half-Light Boy and listen to Kavanagh’s poetic lyrics.
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Texas synth-pop group, Secrecies put out their debut self-titled album on June 7th. I’ve had a few listens of the album and I’m loving the hell outta it. A lot of sound coming from this duo, Secrecies is vocalist/keyboardist Shawn Magill and Joseph Noga on bass, guitar, drums and synths. Have a listen to Life We Live.
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Jaye Jayle is Louisville band that defies genres. Heavy, deep, meditative and sonically dense, this quartet assembled by Evan Patterson, Todd Cook, Corey Smith and Neal Argabright put out one of my favourite albums of last year, No Trail and Other Unholy Paths, so I’m delighted to hear a new track. Below is Soline.


Jaye Jayle photo by Bobby Cochran
Grizzly Coast photo by Kyle Micheal Murray
Secrecies photo by Robert Chickering
Ludic photo by unknown

Aron Harris

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