New Music Friday – Slow Dreamy Music Because We’re Too Cold To Move Fast Edition

It’s cold as a hitman’s heart in these parts, NMFers. But <insert some message about how music warms you from the soul outward to your fingertips or some crap>. Yes, I left that in on purpose. Things have been a slow chug getting back up to speed here in the ADDICTED Music Dept. in these early months of 2020. Not a ton of shows for the first few weeks but lots of action has recently been announced for the spring and summer, as expected. We hope to be making some exciting announcements here in the Dept. in the coming months. Stay tuned.

Here are this edition’s picks of great music that you should jam into the music holes on the sides of your head. Headphones recommended as this stuff is all a bit dreamy and trippy. Have a great weekend.


First up, damn, I’ve been loving the new album, Hollow by Elephant Stone. This Montreal-based Polaris Music Prize-nominated psych-pop quartet is fronted by vocalist, bassist and sitarist, Rishi Dhir. They’re playing tonight in their hometown and on Feb. 22 here in Toronto at the Garrison. Will I see you there?


Wife + husband Alicia & Joe Christenson are All Eyes. The duo hails from Minneapolis, MN. Their new album Change came out on February 11th. Reminiscent of Portishead and Massive Attack, have a listen below and click all their links for more.



Kyle Forester released his new album, Hearts in Gardens today. The singer and guitarist was a member of Crystal Stilts and Ladybug Transistor before joining indie-folk band, Woods, (and backing David Berman on his final album and project, Purple Mountains). The new album is lovely. Have a listen to Strange Vision.

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Last but definitely NOT least is Luna Li‘s new single, Trying. The Dept. are huge LL fans, so we’re delighted to hear this new song. It’s everything we’d hope for.
Thanks, Hannah. It’s beautiful. If you haven’t heard Luna Li, you’re welcome.




Elephant Stone photo credit: Bowen Stead
All Eyes photo credit: All Eyes
Luna Li photo credit: Halle Hirota
Kyle Forester photo credit: Michael Stasiak

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