New Music Friday – Quebec Halloween Edition

While many Toronto kids slogged in the rain to collect their annual stipend of gratis stranger candy, the brave and smart citizens of Montreal collectively pushed All Hallows Eve a night ahead so their kids don’t come home with pneumonia in their trick or treating bags, in addition, to mini-chocolate bars made from cacao beans picked by their Ivorian peers for slave wages paid from Nestle.

Fuck you, Nestle.

Sorry. I still have residual angst and anger from the Canadian election.

This week, it’s ladies’ night, er, day. By no plot or plan, all of today’s toasted artists are entirely and luckily, lacking a Y chromosome. No sausage party this weekend, lads. Jog on back to your mancaves!


First up today, a woman from my favourite pop-producing Scandanavian country. This is Berg, the stage name of  Alexandra Berglöf. Berg is a classical pianist as well as Swedish sensation. She just released the video for her latest single, Take Off Your Disguise. This song is a bop. If you’re in the NYC area, she has some shows coming up this month. Hit her links for all the info.


Jackie is a Toronto trio led by Jackie Mohr, who describes her new single Lifetime in a Touch as a song about heartbreak, but told through a positive outlook. I apologize for sounding like a coked-up VJ from the early 90s, but the groove of this song is what hooked me off the first notes. Jackie is playing some shows around Southern Ontario in the middle of this month. Check the links below to find where and when.
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It’s hard for me to put Tempers into a category. This NYC-based duo comprised of Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper is synthy, sorta goth and post-punk in an airy, ethereal way. In some ways, it’s impossible for me to separate the mood of the video for Capital Pains from the music. Both together are worth a listen and a look. The band just released their album, Private Life last week. Watch the video, hear the song, click on their link to find out more

Texas singer/songwriter Sarah Jaffe has a new single and along with it, a fun Windows 95 inspired video. Small Talk is musically minimal with a hard beat that all allows Jaffe’s elastic voice to be the focal point. I love this song. More about Sarah in the links below.




Jackie photo by Dom Monicka
Tempers photo by Franck Bohbot
Sarah Jaffee photo by Ignacia Torres
Berg photo by unknown

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Aron Harris

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